Augmento: An ace Martech platform for your business needs

Sometimes, back to back meetings and work need to be simplified. Right? It’s exhausting and starts to burn you out when you have too many things together. Luckily, there is a solution. The solution? Martech. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) changing organizations and will add to monetary development using commitments to efficiency. Marketing organizations of all sizes are being inundated by data from multiple digital marketing channels and an increasing number of consumer devices. Are you really looking for software that automates your marketing tasks? Absolutely!!! Have a walk through a platform that will help you to reach your goals faster. Let’s streamline and make our marketing tasks more efficient with the features this platform provides & some steps to evaluate which solution is best for your business.

How ideal Marketing Technology is?

Automate your tasks and Capture data in real-time: Connect and capture data from different silos such as POS, CRMs, Channels, etc. Capture data in a batch process for optimum resource utilization.

Build a merging strategy depending on your business case: Experience unified profiling which enriches profiles of your customers on a micro-level with over 100 profiling properties and default actions. Create custom profile properties on top of the existing default properties to capture additional subscriber details. Plan, create, and execute marketing campaigns effortlessly: Get seamless engagement which saves time and effort by designing complicated campaigns for individual channels on a single page. Analyze campaign performance over various metrics.

Pre-build workflow library and online content repository: Create workflows swiftly using drag and drop builder. There is a bouquet of channels for effective communication. Through Automation studio you can integrate with third-party systems using web hooks to send user information in real-time. Get a unified and personalized data view: Segment your data on profiles, lists, or web/app users. Select your target audience by segmenting data based on business rules and needs in real-time. Target subscribers in real-time over relevant channels: SDK for web and mobile app integration for data capturing and notifications Track profiles and their events in real-time across multiple devices Do we really need a Marketing Technology platform?

The reality: (USP’S) of Marketing Technology platform:Get Unified Customer Profile Unify every online and offline customer touch-point and create a real-time, trustworthy Single Customer View to use across all your marketing systems. Why not Comprehensive Integration? It’s effective Use in-build connectors, APIs, and data loaders to easily ingest data from all your existing systems. The identity resolution engine, handles the matching, merging, and de-duplication of your customers, transactions, channels, and data sources in real-time. Make easy customization. It’s Truly Multi-ChannelIn house channels make service delivery more reliable and convenient, providing a single point of contact to the users for all their digital needs without having to coordinate with multiple vendors in case of any issues. Also, it makes customizations easy and at the same time provides more customer touchpoints as the data is centrally controlled. Ultimate Marketer Driven Platform Limited involvement of technical resources is required to set up and maintain thus reducing the time, cost, and risk and gives business users more control over the system, even though they may still need some technical assistance. Advanced analytics and Reporting Quickly and easily discover usable customer insights, segment customers, and understand buyer behaviors to then orchestrate targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns. Best in class support Home Development and Support Team for the entire process & product issues to achieve reduced TAT. There you go! Let’s drive revenue for your company with an automated system.

Let’s find some industry-specific use cases:

BFSI: Payment Reminder/Policy Renewals Multiple channel workflow with multiple validation checks to make sure the payment/renewal. Mapping the customer journey to send reminders to only default customers​ Mobile app engagement Did not open/click on email/SMS regarding the ATM location to withdraw Rs.500 and Rs. 2000 note.Send Push-notification showing the nearest ATM location to withdraw cash. Tracking non-logged-in users on the website Tracking all the web activity of the anonymous user in real-time through different silos. Send campaigns promoting mutual funds schemes through Email/SMS/Push-notification. E-commerce:

Automate List Segmentation Based on Purchase Behavior Create segments with automation workflows and will save you tons of time. Track the purchase behavior of customers for creating relevant segments. Reach Out to Your Less Engaged Customers Automated workflow helps you identify unengaged customers and let you win back the customers more directly. Track Your VIP Customers With your VIP program in place, you can set up more workflows to reward members. Once you have workflows in place to identify your most loyal customers, you can automatically send them an invitation to your loyalty program using your email marketing software. Healthcare:

Increase appointment to visit ratios Reduce customer drop-offs by sending appointment reminders, hospital location with links to maps, doctor reviews, etc. It can benefit you with acquisition and retention. Automatically send post-diagnosis notes and suggestions If they forget, make them remind. Automatically send information to patients via email, text message or through the patient portal. Retain patients by automating recurring-event reminders Create a healthcare workflow automation to engage patients for recurring events. Remind them of their health checkup next year automatically by using date-based triggers.

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