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Transform your Omni- Channel Marketing with Infinito

Infinito allows teams to build conversational journeys on Chatbot, Email, SMS, RCS Business Messaging, Voice, and WhatsApp.

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Journey Orchestrator

Streamline your consumer's engagement journey to enhance their CX, boost conversations, and decrease churn.

No coding skills? No worries! Infinito lets you create campaigns and journeys easily with a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder.

Set up your campaigns in minutes and optimize conversations with A/B testing for better results.

Centralize all marketing-led conversations in one source of truth.

A single platform for all Conversations

Infinito’s complete conversations suite keeps your consumers captivated across mobile, web, email, and other platforms with the right message at the right time.

With Infinito, you can send automated and personalized text messages to users based on specific actions or events or deep-linking them to specific URLs.

With WhatsApp, you can deliver transactional messages, automate replies to common questions, and host conversational live chats seamlessly.

With automated segmentation, drag-and-drop design editor, and personalization, create engaging emails that are tailored to every user.

Workflow Builder

Create visually appealing and effective omni-channel campaigns that target users based on their behavior, location, and lifecycle stage with our easy-to-use campaign builder.

Compliance Management

Infinito's platform offers in-built integration for receiving approvals of SMS (TRAI's DLT) and WhatsApp (META) messages, allowing you to save time.

Powerful, real-time Insights & Reports

Infinito consolidates data and insights trends across channels and users, enabling you to connect with your consumers during the most critical moments.

Easily create Impactful Campaigns

Infinito offers a one-of-a-kind automated, scalable, and secure ecosystem that is comprehensive. It helps enterprises understand, segment, and engage users in real-time.

Developer Friendly

We are obsessed with developers, and our open APIs provide a seamless experience while reducing dependencies between back-end and front-end teams.

Create experiences across Marketing Channels

Create cohesive brand experiences with messaging campaigns that seamlessly connect across mobile, web, and in-app platforms.

Secure & Scalabale

Infinito's role and account-based data isolation guarantees secure conversations- HTTPS protocol guarantees data encryption.

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