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Unlock the power of personalized communication with Truecaller Business Messaging. Deliver targeted messages to your audience for better engagement and conversion

240 Million + Active Users in India

Truecaller has partnered exclusively with Tanla Platforms Limited (ValueFirst) to deliver a first-of-its-kind distinctive digital experience for business messaging.

Experience comprehensive rich media support including link previews, images, videos, documents, contact sharing, smart reply buttons, real-time message status updates, and the ability to send combined messages.

Unlock advanced rich-media capabilities such as click insights, customizable CTA buttons, and list replies, with intelligent fallback options to ensure seamless communication across various channels.

No need for template whitelisting for non-promotional content, and fewer restrictions mean faster campaign launches.

Unique Business Messaging Proposition

By overcoming the limitations of traditional communication solutions, Truecaller Business Messaging has the power to revolutionize digital engagement.

At ValueFirst, we are dedicated to strengthening our partnership with Truecaller, with the aim of providing enhanced messaging experiences.

Truecaller Business Messaging: Empower your brand's communication strategy. Seamlessly connect with customers, drive sales, and elevate your brand presence.
What is Truecaller Business Messaging?

Truecaller Business Messaging leverages the robust infrastructure of the Truecaller app, renowned for its caller ID and spam blocking features, to offer businesses a direct and effective communication channel to their customers. Seamlessly integrated within Truecaller, which has been downloaded over a billion times worldwide, this platform ensures that messages reach customers right within the familiar user interface they frequently use.

What are the use-cases with Truecaller Business Messaging?

Truecaller Business Messaging is designed to meet a wide range of business requirements through its versatile features:

1. Rich Media Messaging: This feature allows businesses to send messages containing multimedia elements like images, videos, links, and interactive buttons. This enriches the quality and attractiveness of business communications, making them more engaging for the customer.

2. Transactional Messages: Essential for day-to-day operations, these messages provide real-time notifications for actions such as transactions, deliveries, and service updates, ensuring timely and dependable communication.

3. Promotional Messages: Tailored for marketing efforts, these messages broadcast promotions, deals, and loyalty program details directly to customers, helping to boost sales and enhance customer engagement.

4. OTP Services: This enhances both security and user experience by efficiently delivering One-Time Passwords. The service is designed to be highly visible and easy to use within the user’s mobile interface, adding an extra layer of security for various applications.

What is Smart Persistent Notification?

Sticky Notifications are a key feature designed to guarantee that messages are not only delivered but also prominently noticed by recipients. Unlike typical notifications that can be quickly dismissed or overlooked, Sticky Notifications stay visible on the screen until the user actively engages with them. This functionality is especially valuable for crucial communications such as OTPs and important alerts, greatly increasing the chances of prompt user response.

What are the Rich Media capabilities in Truecaller Business Messaging?

The Rich Media features of Truecaller Business Messaging enable businesses to go beyond conventional text messaging by including attachments such as PDFs, images, videos, and payment QR codes. This multimedia strategy not only captures attention more effectively but also enhances the customer’s engagement with the brand. It allows for everything from detailed product descriptions to interactive customer support to be delivered directly within the notification itself.

Drive business growth with Truecaller Business Messaging. Harness the potential of direct messaging to engage customers effectively and expand your reach.

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Experience top-tier media features including images, video, location services, and document sharing, enhancing user interaction to deliver unparalleled excellence.

Truecaller Business Messaging has the potential to transform digital engagement by surpassing the constraints of traditional communication solutions such as SMS.