WhatsApp Business Platform

Engage consumers in one-way notifications such as order & payment updates, reminders, invoices, suggestions, and authentication, or two-way conversations with Chatbots.

Build superior CX with personalized
1-1 conversations

Break language barriers, simplify support

Boost sales with WhatsApp Commerce

Reduce CAC and improve CLTV with Click2WA ads

Everything You Need to Know About the WhatsApp API

One-Way Conversations

Automate personalized messages based on user behavior, preferences, and past interactions. WhatsApp Business API takes hyper personalization to the next level by providing businesses with a suite of tools to engage with their customers in a more personalized manner

Send targeted messages: Send relevant promotions, offers, and alerts while adhering to customer preferences.

Automate campaigns: Create automated campaigns for abandoned cart notifications, appointment reminders, and re-order requests.

Streamline communication: Automate order confirmations, subscription reminders, and delivery updates to enhance the customer experience.

Two-Way Conversations

Experience streamlined communication with WhatsApp Chatbot, providing 24/7 lead generation, support optimization, and personalized conversations.

Seamlessly integrate ValueFirst with third-party applications and CRMs you already use for marketing, ticketing, analytics, and growth.

Be the brand that caters to their customers' language preferences and provide a better customer experience. Provide support in local languages will help you to build trust and loyalty among customers.

The Ultimate Guide to the WhatsApp API
Get Started with the WhatsApp API in 5 Easy Steps

WhatsApp Shopping

Transform your business with WhatsApp Commerce: Scale and expand your reach, increase conversions, boost engagement, and foster customer loyalty.

Display products through WhatsApp: Utilize the Commerce API to showcase relevant products from your catalog through WhatsApp product messages.

Secure shopping experience: Enable customers to add products to their cart with confidence by ensuring accurate information on price and availability.

Increase CSAT

Ignite consumer interest by conducting targeted marketing campaigns, delivering relevant content and promotions to interested customers. Reduce response time and operational costs with canned responses and self-service flows.

Enhance customer care: Bolster your customer care with intelligent WhatsApp chatbots that can efficiently manage a majority of routine queries.

Seamlessly transition to live agents: Gracefully transfer customers to live agents for complex queries or for handling irate customers.

Integrate WhatsApp into Your Business with the WhatsApp API
How to Use the WhatsApp API to Send and Receive Messages

Build Customer Journeys with WhatsApp API

Plug in WhatsApp Business API Services and provide personalized account and service updates, order notifications, appointment reminders and more from any software, application, or CRM.

ValueFirst is an official partner of WhatsApp (META) to deploy WhatsApp-based solutions for customers.

Everything You Need to Know | WhatsApp Business API

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