Augment your Customer Experience using Cross-Channel Marketing Automation

It is an unprecedented time for everyone in the world. Is the economy moving? As we can see, everything is gripped by such a pandemic. Each one of us is coping with myriad challenges. But engagement between your brand and your customer shall not be broken at any point in time. However, each pioneer must be prepared for a bounce back and return more grounded and more intelligent; this requires a reconsidering of their Marketing Strategy. Despite the growing number of communication channels, why do customers prefer vintage channels? How about creating a mix of these channels to maximize the experience?

Push Messaging

Integrating Email+SMS will help you to complement the overall client experience. SMS is a very precise way for every business to deliver short and timely messages to recipients. On the other hand, Email is for lengthy deliverables that keep a record of security messages. Together they create seamless customer engagement experiences that are scalable, reliable, and effective. Automating these channels into a single platform enables us to flexibly design, deploy, marketing workflows reducing development dependencies from development teams.What are we waiting for? Let’s get prepared for a purpose-driven and human-centric approach. Let’s see what difference can intelligent marketing automation platform makes, to enhance the user experience, and increase customer engagement via integrated channels. Can we build customer-centric performance strategies with a full end-to-end consumer journey approach?

1. Get Unified Customer Profile!

Unify every online and offline customer touch-point and create a real-time, trustworthy Single Customer View to use across all your marketing systems.

2. Work in real-time! Use Comprehensive Integration

Use in-build connectors, APIs and data loaders to easily ingest data from all your existing systems. The identity resolution engine, handles the matching, merging, and de-duplication of your customers, transactions, channels, and data sources in real-time.

3. Get easy access! Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Quickly and easily discover usable customer insights, segment customers, and understand buyer behaviors to then orchestrate targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns.

4. In-house Integration! Truly Multi-Channel

In house channels make service delivery more reliable and convenient, providing a single point of contact to the users for all their digital needs without having to coordinate with multiple vendors in case of any issues. Also, it makes customizations easy and at the same time provides more customer touchpoints as the data is centrally controlled.

5. Cost-effective! Ultimate Marketer Driven Platform

Limited involvement of technical resources is required to set up and maintain thus reducing the time, cost, and risk and gives business users more control over the system, even though they may still need some technical assistance.

6. Reduce TAT! Best in Class Support

Home Development and Support Team for the entire process & product issues to achieve reduced TAT. On request get customization support for the specific business requirements. There are challenges specific to your industry verticals, customer base, or market.

What verticals can be targeted? Leading brands across diverse industries such as: Education tech, Automobile, Human Resources, Banking & Financial Setups, E-Commerce, Food Delivery Apps Automating these channels will help industries to avail multiple key benefits:

  1. Increased customer engagement and conversion rate using workflows and dynamic content management.
  2. Reduced TAT for campaign go-live.
  3. Resource and cost optimization per conversion/engagement.
  4. Avoids data silos by unifying multiple customer profiles from different sources.
  5. Reduce the risk of campaign failures by advanced workflow management features.

To improve their performance marketing practices, companies need to think about accelerating their digital transformation roadmap by adopting Martech & Marketing Automation solutions. Reach out to customer expectations! Here is how can we help “Augmento” by Delivering personalized and contextual experiences across every interaction point through a scalable platform which focuses on key marketing aspects: Identity, Intelligence, and Interaction.

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