Acquire, Engage and Retain consumers with Conversational marketing solutions

Over the past two years, conversational marketing has proven itself to be the best way to assist customers through different stages of the sales and marketing funnel, thus offering a customized experience.

You no longer need to wait for a day or two after filling out a form to catch a lead. The Conversational marketing drift is a feedback-oriented approach that uses Surbo's AI-powered bots, live chat, and DMs to promote meaningful communication across platforms to bring value.

Conversational marketing in 2020 has brought forward a drastic change in the way customer dealings are conducted. It has helped in improving customer service, increase consumer engagement and create brand consciousness, but more significantly, it has allowed companies to introduce the environment of personalization, produce more qualified leads, scale brand recognition, and supporting associated activities while saving time and money. Here's how it all works:

Generating qualified leads

The ultimate beauty and strength of chatbots are that they're your marketers who're ON 24x7.  The arrangement is sure to hit the higher conversion rates owing to the smooth experience, giving your guests a way to start conversations instantly and providing the insights they are looking for.

Instead of making someone from Customer Support qualify and send them on to Sales, the bot may ask a series of questions, collect basic information (name, email, corporation size, budget estimate, service requirement, and more), classify the user, and configure next steps based on their feedback.

Financial Service is the classic use case where Conversational marketing has been put to practice in a big way, generating qualified leads without human assistance, leading to the manifold increase in the conversion rates.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Conversational marketing reaches new customers on different platforms and drives lead generation by offering buyers a simpler and convenient way to get in touch with your company by building a level of confidence and trust.

AI-powered message bots from Surbo help maintain a continuous interaction between consumers and brands. This dedication makes engagements more natural and opens up a can of possibilities for cross-selling, derive feedback, going back and forth between both assistance and sales.

Several e-commerce portals, including the food stores and retail shops, are leveraging the AI technology to strengthen their consumer relationships.

Client Retention

AI-powered conversational chatbots from Surbo interact with the leads in real-time. However,  recent research indicates that any lapses or delays between form submission and marketing or sales interaction can have a direct bearing on the conversions.

Conversational marketing in 2020 has given you the power to reach the prospects who might be at risk quickly and easily, providing them with targeted advertisements, exclusive promotions, discounts, and other offers that encourage them to stick with your brand.

Customized Marketing

Conversational AI offers companies with a more "real" way of communicating with prospects as well as clients. Chatbots powered by Conversational marketing use the information collected from your site, back-end systems, and past interactions to offer a customized experience to the customers by recommending products, closely matching the level of interest, context, and requirements of a user. The majority of the eCommerce stores are already following this model and deriving productive outcomes.

Surbo is a robust chatbot platform offering Business Automation solutions by implementing conversational AI, and NLP enabled bots.

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