Why Marketers Need Cross-Channel Marketing Automation To Stay Relevant?

Customers' path to purchase is seldom linear— they connect with a brand on various platforms (web portal, WhatsApp, blogs, mobile app, etc.), scan for feedback, and have questions that need to be answered. A brand needs to pay attention to its consumer behaviors, create a link using narratives, and develop a seamless experience to encourage purchases.

Each channel lends itself to various storytelling formats. It also allows brands to collect customer data so that their experiences can be customized. Users who are coming from multiple platforms to the brand's online portal act differently, which makes Cross-channel Marketing highly imperative.

Smart marketers tailor the experience for each individual. Multichannel marketing automation is deployed as a central technique to reach the audience through multiple contact channels during the user's journey.

Automating interactions through marketing channels adds scalability to the promotional campaign, business strategies, and operations. It helps you to be seamlessly present across networks. In addition, the AI-Driven Automation Platform enables you to develop brand recognition, Customer Retention, Engagement, improve ROI, and drive conversions.

Here's more on how Cross channel Marketing helps you take the lead:

Get Attention you deserve

The more you get seen, the more curiosity you generate. People would want to know more about you.

As per research, YouTube advertising can deliver a significant lift to brand awareness. Studies suggest that Google searches for your brand name may increase by more than 400 percent.

By putting your label amidst rivals and consumers, you can quickly make your place in the minds of your niche segment.

They may not yet want you, but with strong brand recognition, you'll be the first to come to their mind when the time is ripe.

Cost-effective Marketing Automation

In B2B set-up, when you employ a cross-channel marketing approach, it helps you to bypass significant danger when attempting to reach a broader audience.

Let's presume that you want to target the market in the United Kingdom. It has more than 5.6 million small enterprises. Many of them would have a combination of workers who use various social media channels, while some tend to dial phone numbers or send emails.

By tossing everything behind either of these channel promotions, you could produce a meager return on investment (ROI).

Conversely, with automated cross-channel marketing support facilitated through Infinito by ValueFirst, more connections can be established. This will improve ROI significantly— even though the upfront cost might seem on the higher side.

Consumer Is Free To Use The Medium They Trust

People have less faith in conventional advertising strategies. They want to have more power over their shopping process.

A cross-channel marketing strategy opens up a variety of options for your target audience, empowering them to determine how they want to engage with your company.  

This ensures an improved user experience across the board, which increases the chances of conversion.

Digital touchpoints

Data is an integral part of contemporary marketing, and its value proposition is bound to grow as ML, and artificial intelligence systems develop.

Through AI-Driven Automation Platforms, you'll access deep insights into user behaviors as well as the performance of your existing marketing strategies.

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