Re-targeting and re-engagement campaigns for efficient customer acquisition with ReachRight

In all commerce verticals, re-engagement and re-targeting are essential marketing processes. They offer a successful strategy that prioritizes advertisement campaign spending on users who have been established as being more likely to convert based on their previous intent. This is why most brands that re-engage consumers using their ad spend continue to see a higher ROI relative to most other digital channels— thanks to the building awareness that ultimately leads to growth and revenues.

Re-engagement is a powerful conversion and branding optimization tool that works best as part of a broader digital strategy, including ads across all digital channels to accomplish segmented reach— web, email, mobile net, SMS, and in-app.

Significant KPIs for Re-engagement and Re-targeting ad campaigns

The most widely used metrics center on closures and revenues for re-targeting KPIs—Cost per order and cost per sale are two common examples. You should be asking yourself questions like the following while establishing your re-targeting KPIs:

  • How much did a user spend on re-entering the app?
  • Did the customer buy only one specific product, or have they purchased several products?
  • What was the worth of the cart or the basket?

Re-engagement can also be an excellent strategy for retaining users who have either removed your app or stopped engaging. For example, by finding users who have your app, but not opened it a while, you can target those users to re-engage and re-target them to bring them back to increase their lifetime value (LTV).

ReachRight— a Re-targeting and re-engagement campaign initiative from ValueFirst is aimed at serving the right ads to the right people at the right time, thus resulting in efficient customer acquisition.

Here's how it can help improve communication, brand awareness, and automate sales through a series of highly streamlined processes:

Create a new market and build on your revenues

ReachRight helps you form meaningful associations with potential customers through effective channel marketing and ad campaigns. It enables you to reach out to the new set of prospects and generate revenues.

Re-engagement and re-targeting tools work on the three fundamental principles of:




  • Drive Traffic: Our global publisher network helps you leverage our partnership to drive traffic to your digital properties and create awareness.
  • Build user engagement: Reach Right offers multiple channels for building user engagement for generating the right awareness and traction. The tools enable you to engross your prospects through our Ads, Push Notifications, SMS, Video Ads, and more, across multiple channels that enable advanced targeting, segmented reach, besides real-time optimization.
  • Brand building: The ad campaigns through Reach Right leverage efficient client acquisition tactics such as Personalized Customer Experience to create brand awareness, drive user growth, and generate revenue.