Experience the power of Marketing Automation with Augmento

The Automated Way….

Why not plan to switch channels, rather than the context?

Are you not able to hit the revenue goals? A real picture of ROI comes with the advance technology “Marketing Automation”.

Automate the outreach without losing authenticity. How? Streamline your business’s marketing processes.

Leveraging the technology of marketing automation as it makes the tasks easier.

Get the most out of Augmento

Augmento? Augmento is an intelligent marketing automation platform, built to enhance the user experience, and increase customer engagement for getting better results on investments, and marketing efforts. It is the amalgamation of data, intelligence and interactions.

Choose email automation software based on features that align with your goals. Augmento is known for its advanced features.

Are you looking for the best-in-class Marketing Automation platform? Here is how our platform provides Automation Studio to import, enrich, and segment your data. It helps you run your data management and marketing processes in a linear workflow. Use automation workflow canvas to build simple or multiple steps workflows.

  • Create workflows swiftly using drag and drop builder

Change the game! Integrate with Augmento providing you with the drag and drop email builder that helps you to create highly engaging emails, automated workflows and make the complex structures simple in a go.

  • Bouquet of channels for effective Communication

A marketing automation solution coordinated appropriately to your needs uses interfaces to incorporate all channels that come into question for communications. To make the communication more effective, a multi-channel approach has to be the priority as it maximizes opportunities to interact with a prospective customer.

  • Readily available post actions and conditions

The Marketing Automation platform allows you to build "workflows". A workflow is a series of actions (the sending of messages) and conditions (time frames, checking the profile of a contact) linked to a step in the customer journey.

  • Pre-build workflow library and online content repository

We have a library of pre-built workflows which are agile and easy to implement.

  • Integrate with third party systems using web hooks to send user information in real time

Easily monitor the specific user events in real-time.

Create customized experiences for your customers across multiple marketing channels with Augmento.

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