Anytime, Anywhere with WhatsApp for Business API

The WhatsApp for Business API empowers brands to use the channel closest to their customers to provide real-time assistance. Although many companies are still in the process of setting their feet firmly on the platform, the benefits are still abundantly clear.

The real-time essence of WhatsApp offers a convenient way to improve user satisfaction through richer two-way messaging. Brands can make the most of platform functionalities using rich media support and template messages.

The message layouts can be used as a norm to initiate a conversation or address commonly asked questions on the channel. Here’s how WhatsApp for Business API can make a world of a difference to your regular client engagements.

Real-time customer support through instant response

The instant messaging and response channel is developed to support the sharing of alerts and client support messages. Keeping users up to date with account notifications, order updates, booking confirmation, and reminders through WhatsApp's built-in features also serves to inspire further engagement.

WhatsApp also offers an opportunity to optimize brand awareness with the inclusion of your own company profile that lists vital information, including your logo and contact information. In short, the channel has the capacity to become both the primary source for your client to access brand info and the go-to place for any sort of interaction.

Network-independent and reliable

Another convincing reason for companies that use WhatsApp two-way messaging as a means of providing customer support is their ability to deliver their products/services worldwide. Since the channel does not depend on the network, it can be more dependable than SMS or RCS in certain parts of the world.

However, it is the conversational user experience that will continue to be the most critical aspect behind the channel utilization. WhatsApp caters to consumers' need for convenient service while eliminating the complexity of doing so for businesses.

Evolved client experience

User experience and expectations have changed significantly in the span of the last few years. In order to deliver to their customers with rich media support and instant response, corporations are now interested in engaging through well-established mobile messaging channels.

With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is an organic part of everyday conversation for mobile users. By launching the WhatsApp Business API, customer-centric companies can now become part of that conversation, further simplifying and integrating customer experience.

End-to-End Encryption

Another key WhatsApp Business API feature that makes it stand apart has to be its end-to-end encryption mechanism. It implies that your client interactions are totally protected and confidential. In the midst of mounting cyber-attacks and data leakage perils, the feature is a valuable addition, both from the user and business perspective.

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