WhatsApp for e-Commerce is now just two ticks away

As of February 2020, WhatsApp has emerged as the single most powerful and commonly used messaging network with more than 2 billion active users worldwide. WhatsApp users are not only prolific but also extremely successful in transmitting over 65 billion messages on a day-to-day basis.

It's no wonder that more and more retail companies are leveraging the opportunity and embracing Whatsapp for business API to engage with their clients and prospects through this user-friendly and rich platform.

As per findings from the Facebook Messaging Survey conducted recently, 67 percent of users of this mobile messaging app said they plan to use chat more to connect with companies in the coming two years. That's not all!  53 percent of respondents claimed they're more likely to shop from a company they can ping directly though Live agent chat.

Using WhatsApp, users get to connect with their friends and family within seconds—  Your enterprise can accomplish the same— Thanks to the WhatsApp's Business APIs.

Let's take a walk through some use-cases of WhatsApp Chatbot e-commerce, charting a consumer path through the sales funnel.

Automate Lead Generation

The first, and perhaps most critical, part of a sales funnel is Lead Generation. A broader top-of-the-funnel offers more opportunities for the sales team to work with and consequently, more customers to sell to.

By adding a 'click-to-chat' component to your promotional deals, you can get customers to send you their information using a WhatsApp Chatbot.

This way, you can easily get access to the name and phone number. You could even use a WhatsApp Chatbot customer support to request more information, such as their email ID or location.

Resolving FAQs

When it comes to a website, companies seek to eliminate any and all obstacles in the sales process to enhance Customer Experience and offer the highest level of Service Excellence.

Once a lead is created, businesses want a smooth journey for customers— all the way to the bank. But there's a glitch! All prospects have questions, and they ask them frequently.

These FAQs may vary from product and business queries to its refund policy and modes of payments that the firm accepts, and so on.

WhatsApp Chatbots let you answer all purchase-related queries from your customers. Rather than scrolling through a 2-page FAQ text, or endlessly waiting for an email response, they empower consumers with an interactive, instant solution.

Order placement

WhatsApp Chatbot E-Commerce enables you to build a single-channel experience— from a prospect to a return customer.

WhatsApp Business APIs also permit enterprises to forge deeper integration.  Allocate parameters to your CRM and OMS and push data to empower customers to place an order from the convenience of their smartphones, offering the highest level of service excellence.


Notifications sent through email and SMS often go unnoticed.

Reduce volumes of service tickets and boost the CSAT/NPS by keeping the customers posted on their package status.

Using WhatsApp for E-commerce, consumers can also respond back to you, re-schedule, or update delivery addresses.

Your customers are on WhatsApp. Are you? Never let your customers hanging with WhatsApp for Business API.

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