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The Customer Support department needs a lot of workforce, time, dedicated resources to work diligently and provide satisfactory outputs. To chop down the time and cost incurred by the resources and make venture profitable and more agile and productive many enterprises from SMEs to MNCs are now seeking the help of digital transformation in Customer Support. Chatbots are effective ways to adopt digital transformation in automating the Customer Support department in various enterprises.

Benefits of automating Customer Support

1. Keep back time and handle multiple requests via multifunctional feature – Chatbots are designed especially using artificial intelligence to deal with numerous requests from clienteles instantaneously and keep them waiting for a long duration. Thus, it results in a shorter or no waiting queue and quick resolution to some of the apparent queries and questions inquired by the customers. With the help of chatbots, the customer support department can easily segregate the priority requests and issues of the customers and keep back time by handling multiple customers at once via chatbots.

2. Look After for Prompt Resolution – Chatbots are multitasking, making them even more desirable in the customer support department. When the customer support process is automated via Chatbots, then for quick queries, the customer gets a prompt response in real-time, without waiting in long queues and too many redirections for a small question.
For instance, an e-commerce venture has adopted WhatsApp Chatbots or Website Chatbots for its customer support department. If a customer wants to get a quick update on his/her product, then reaching out to WhatsApp Chatbots or Website Chatbots would be easy and convenient for them. As he/she will get a prompt response via chatbots through the link to track the ordered product without following a tediously long wait queue and unnecessary department redirects. Also, it will surge the customer satisfaction level through quality customer service.

3. Enhances Customer Support Productivity – Chatbots reduce various pain points observed by the customer support department of the venture, such as long wait queues, off base responses, ambiguous information, or too many readdress for a quick and urgent query raised by the customer. With the help of chatbots, the department gets more time to deal with and tackle other high-priority issues and increases their productivity.

4. Assists in Decreasing the Rates of Open Cases – The most common issue the customer support department faces are high open ticket rates and high work pressure raised to meet the tight SLAs and deadlines assigned to the customers. So, to amplify the pain points of the customer support team the automation is the best option to pick. Chatbots offer a swift first place resolution to the customer and reduce the instances of Live Agent Takeover, giving room for fewer open cases rates.

Chatbots are an adept example of artificial intelligence and programmed to provide on-point solutions to the apparent queries or the template-based queries inquired or asked by the customers. The automation of the customer support department would give scope to prioritize the high-priority queries and customers by resolving the petty or obvious queries in the first place with the help of chatbots.

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