Ten reasons why you should use WhatsApp API for your Business

Ten reasons why you should use WhatsApp API for your Business

In 2018, Meta, formerly called Facebook, launched the WhatsApp API for Business, also called WhatsApp API, to assist businesses in creating a personalized communication flow that is most beneficial to their customers. The WhatsApp API for Business modifies companies to design a customized communication path that best serves their customers.

What is WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp API for Business allows medium and huge-scale businesses to expand their communication. By using the API, businesses can develop systems that link bots to thousands of clients, providing informative and non-automatic communication. The API can also be integrated with several backend systems, such as marketing and CRM platforms.

There are two choices for hosting businesses: APIs in the cloud and on-premises. 

Limits on WhatsApp API for Businesses

There are some minor limits that one might face while using WhatsApp API for Business they are:

1.  A tier method governs and limits WhatsApp API. For example, when a company registers a phone number, it enters Tier 1. Therefore, you can expect to begin with 1,000 unique customers over 24 hours, increase that to 10,000 within the set period, and reach 100,000 clients daily for, say, Tier 3. This indicates that you can only ascent limits to the next level if:

  • Your rating for quality is not low;
  • The total number of users to whom you have sent messages in the past seven days

2.  Group chats are not possible with WhatsApp API

3.  Once a phone number is utilized for the WhatsApp API it cannot be used for regular WhatsApp or even the Business variant.

Apart from these minor issues, WhatsApp API is a perfect choice for your business to go global, increase customer engagement and scale your business.

Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp API for Business

  1. The scope becomes more interactive
    Initially, online Businesses used to lack the advantage of one-on-one interaction with their customers. The customers only could leave reviews or even complain about products when required. With WhatsApp API, Businesses will acquire a boost as they can finally have a space for interaction. One can send audio, videos, location, and links and conveniently chat with their customers when required. The customers can secure their trust in the Business they are spending. Businesses can utilize various customer-acquiring strategies with the media that WhatsApp allows them to share. Thus, businesses can boost their customer engagement, which would help promote the brand.  
  2. Reach the Global Market
    With WhatsApp API, Businesses can now finally go global in their approach in a hassle-free and paperless method. As communication becomes smoother, scaling the Business will become easier. The majority of people allover the world prefer WhatsApp over various messaging applications. The chat interface supports calls and even video conferencing, which can help stabilize global customer relationships. 
  3. Messaging Two-Way Interface
    Today's customers look up to businesses that customize their wants and needs. Customers can use their WhatsApp accounts to contact businesses directly with the WhatsApp Business API. Client support, bookings conducted online and orders, and the general customer experience are all simplified by this integrated process. While automated information and updates might be helpful, customers are ultimately more confident when a live service agent is present.
  4. Safe and End-to-End Encrypted Method
    Using WhatsApp API for Business is safe and secure. The chats and other details shared are end-to-end encrypted. End to End Encryption stands for securing the chats between the receiver and the sender, no third party, even WhatsApp, is not allowed to access. In the age where there is the growing importance of data security with data security laws like GDPR and data privacy, the secured WhatsApp API is a boon for businesses. 
  5. A hot favorite among various industries 
    Businesses from various industries use the worldwide chat platform for ease and hassle-free communication. This means the installation and even program orientation methods won't cause downtime. Because the clients are already familiar with the platform, you will be able to associate with them immediately. Your customers' total user experience and brand name may benefit from this.
  6. Gives a boost to conversion rates
    WhatsApp chat is a fast and hassle-free way to reply to customers in real time. However, increasing your conversion rate depends on how you impress your customers with your active chat experience. Attract customers by sending sessions and alerts to provide a virtual yet personalized experience. For example, if a customer wants more information about a product, the CTA button will help the customer to understand the product in a better way. 
  7. Analysis becomes easier with insights
    With WhatsApp API, you can easily carve out the analytics of the customers. For instance, you can understand the urgency of the customer in acquiring the product through the time they are taking to respond. These analytics will help you immensely to make the right decisions for the future of the Business.
  8. A convenient and cost-effective method
    Many people think traditional communication modes, such as emails and texts, are the best way to advertise your products. Nowadays, however, people ignore such texts and emails and blacklist them. With WhatsApp, things are different; they tend to take businesses on WhatsApp seriously. With various options, such as CTA, Faster Replies, and Multimedia sharing options, WhatsApp API is a popular choice among many. 
  9. Increase in selling opportunities
    Businesses can customize their communications by engaging customers using WhatsApp chatbots. It is possible to increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with real-time conversational insights. It also assists businesses in understanding customer preferences and having customized WhatsApp discussions.
  10. WhatsApp API to Capture the Attention of Clients and Re-Target them
    You might be about to start a new venture, for instance, a new clothing line; you can always target the customers who connected with your previous Business. You can easily share updates, notifications, and brochures with them. This way, you would have a ready made customer batch for the new ventures. 


There is not a single reason you should not use WhatsApp API for your Business. However, apart from the reasons mentioned earlier, you should choose WhatsApp API for your Business if:

  • You own a large company with 300+ active customers with whom you need to interact on WhatsApp; you then require the WhatsApp Business API.
  • You depend on automated notifications to your customers, such as status updates, purchase history, etc.
  • You want to scale your Business using WhatsApp as a way to get new customers, improve your customer service, or make it easier for customers to make personalized purchases.
  • To control the anticipated conversation volume, you need more than two people.
  • When WhatsApp conversational commerce and an automation platform are required.