Selling on WhatsApp, a game-changer

With 1.5 billion monthly users across 180 nations around the globe, WhatsApp clearly dominates the personal communications space worldwide. From one-to-one instant messages and community chats to exchanging images and videos with friends and relatives, people use WhatsApp for a wide range of correspondence.

Now with the introduction of the WhatsApp Business API, companies can also leverage it to send important messages, such as payment alerts, reservation notifications, confirmation of appointments, and so much more. In addition, firms may also automate their WhatsApp customer service with the integration of powerful conversational AI-powered chatbots to facilitate seamless assistance to their consumers around the world. For businesses trying to improve their customer experience, this might possibly prove to be a game-changer. Here are five major features of WhatsApp Business API that might let companies take their customer service to another high.

Verified Business Profile

WhatsApp allows you to create an identifiable and credible profile with a green checkmark badge that reinforces brand authenticity and lets consumers differentiate real company accounts from personal or false ones. In addition, key contact details, such as company name, address, working hours, etc., may also be applied for user reference. One of the critical advantages of WhatsApp Business Solution is that if consumers add your number to their contact list, they can find your profile and previous communications by merely searching for your name. The feature improves brand reputation manifolds and can give a massive lift to sales and customer support.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Surbo-powered WhatsApp chatbot can be integrated with your WhatsApp API and helpdesk programs to act as a digital assistant and offer a streamlined customer support experience.

A Whatsapp Bot can be designed to handle routine Client support ops and promotional campaigns apart from sending timely notifications. Following a conversational AI and ML strategy, the bot can be trained to respond accurately.

Another benefit of a WhatsApp chatbot is 24x7 support for all client requests. Additionally, Live agents may also answer the queries with a live chat integrated with the business App.

Contact Regulations

In comparison to an email service where consumer inboxes are crammed with advertising messages and spam, WhatsApp empowers users to express consent and opt-in to receive particular types of communications. This makes the platform ideally suited for keeping users aware of the items they really care about. Furthermore, only pre-approved template messages are enabled for constructive engagement to minimize the chances of infringement.

Media-rich engagement

The ability to transmit and receive rich media content is definitely amongst the top five features of WhatsApp API. From tour itineraries and bank statements to theatre tickets and order updates, the option to send photos and PDFs instead of plain and simple SMS helps you to offer a rich and immersive customer experience.

End-to-End Encryption

Another key function of WhatsApp is its end-to-end encryption mechanism. It implies that your client interaction is fully protected and confidential. In the midst of growing cyber-attacks and data leak risks, this WhatsApp feature is bound to be a valuable addition to your customers.

How Businesses Are Leveraging Selling Power of WhatsApp

Sharing Product Catalogues (Shopping Portals): You can use WhatsApp API to send pictures, audio recordings, short video clippings of your products, or full-fledged catalogs to users across the world. Unlike SMS or email, the format is less limited, and there are greater chances of distribution.

Concierge Service (Hospitality Industry): Errand-running services can set the platform for booking purposes. You can schedule a cake, fresh flower delivery, or courier service using WhatsApp.

Food Ordering (Food Industry): Several eateries have geared up by offering their clients an option to order food through a WhatsApp message. It helps the latter to communicate their preferences conveniently and instantly.

Medical Consultation (Health Services): GPs have now begun offering consultations through WhatsApp. Apart from this, Chemist shops now admit photos of prescription and facilitate medicine delivery.

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