Why Every Product Manager Should Care About Mobile CX?

As per the latest research and analysis by Statista, in 2021, there are 6.2 billion smartphone users in the world. Furthermore, the anticipations are that smartphone users are expected to grow up to 18% by 2026. In today's scenario, the smartphone is a powerful media to increase the business reach, enhance the customer experience, and upscale the sales and marketing of any business and industry.

Mobile CX has emerged as a powerful tool for any business as it promotes customer retention and enhances customer experience for products and services. Are you a Product Manager and looking out for top reasons why to consider Mobile CX? Check out the top four reasons to opt for Mobile CX.

Top 4 Reasons to Opt Mobile CX

  1. Streamlining Onboarding Process – The onboarding process is one of the tedious and lengthy processes of any business or service. The mobile app or mobile interface to promote or sell any business or services enhances the user experience and productivity of the business. As a Product Manager, you can automate walkthroughs and in-app guides, schedule and send personalized messages to the targeted audience to receive a prompt response as per the usage and feedback.
  2. Driving Product Adoption – The Mobile CX is one of the best media to drive adoption by tracking the product phases and tracing the product journey by:
  3. Drafting and devising segmented customer journeys
  4. Understanding and evaluating the customer's behavior with retroactive product analytics and customer analytics
  5. Employing various tooltips to underline features as and when needed
  1. Enhancing Feedback System – Mobile CX can be effectively used to enhance the feedback system for any newly launched product or to trace and evaluate the legacy product's performance. It can be achievable by introducing conversational AI in the legacy mobile messaging scenario. As per the latest research, it is observed that the consumer tends to respond to SMS feedback questionnaires more quickly rather than e-mail feedback questionnaires. The response and conversion rate of SMS conversational AI are higher, so it would be a better option to target the audience via Conversational AI such as SMS chatbots through various mobile messaging scenarios.
  1. Improving Product Quality and Performance – Mobile CX is not just limited to deliver excellent customer service; it's also about expanding the reach and improving the product and service quality of the business. With the help of mobile CX, customers can seamlessly connect to the customer service and sales through the messaging stream for product quality-related issues and upgrading any services lag.

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Mobile CX is a crucial factor in expanding any business or service in today's critical digitalization era. As nowadays, maximum interactions are based on a smartphone with digital experiences. So, that's why every product manager should consider the mobile CX while planning any activity related to products or services.

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