All you need to know about WhatsApp Business API

All you need to know about WhatsApp Business API

In the digital world today, where every organization to trying harder to build its own space in the cluttered digital realms, WhatsApp business platform gives businesses an unprecedented edge over other internet and telecom channels. With more than two billion people worldwide and 450 million users in India using the platform, it gives businesses the power to connect with customers at their own wishful scale.

Businesses today, irrespective of industry and size, have started seeing a 3x, 4x and even 10x increase in revenue and conversions right off the bat. Such is the power WhatsApp Business API brings to the table.

Perhaps you're wondering what the WhatsApp Business API is. Let’s start with the basics:

What is WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp API was introduced to assist businesses who wished to use WhatsApp for mass customer communication. With wonderful features like automated replies, and interactive messages, and powerful integrations like chatbots, businesses can automate communication using the WhatsApp Business API at scale conversations with ease.

In simple words, WhatsApp Business API enables companies to design a customized communication channel that best suits their clients' needs.

Is WhatsApp Business API something that your business needs?

Is it necessary for you to move your business’ marketing and customer support operations on WhatsApp? Certainly!

In the year 2022, if you aren't marketing on WhatsApp, you might as well not be marketing at all!

Here are the 6 benefits for switching to WhatsApp Business:

  1. Global reach - With more than two billion people using the platform around the world, it’s how people everywhere connect with friends, family and now, businesses.
  2. Intuitively conversational -In a channel that invites dialogue, get closer to your customers with two- way conversations that deliver the intimacy of a phone call at the scale of email and SMS.
  3. Engaging features to help drive richer interactions - Go beyond the limitations of text and email with fully featured messaging to create consistently richer and more delightful experiences that help drive business outcomes across the customer journey.
  4. Quality by design - WhatsApp helps businesses focus on high- quality conversations. The API has built-in user feedback controls.  This helps ensure that engagement stays high over time.
  5. Automate and scale - All with a flexible platform that lets you deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences at scale.
  6. Hyper personalized messaging - 72% of consumers only engage with a brand who reach out with personalized offerings. WhatsApp gives you to power to hyper personalize every bit of your messaging which makes it more meaningful to consumers to engage and even purchase.

What distinguishes WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business is aimed at smaller enterprises, while WhatsApp Business API caters to enterprises and businesses of all sizes. The Business API is similar to other API interfaces in that it does not provide a user interface. It must therefore be integrated seamlessly with your current business software. WhatsApp API can only be accessed via WhatsApp Business Solution Providers or BSPs (Business Solution Providers).

Key attractions of WhatsApp Business API

  • Integrations with third-party apps and tools like CRM and analytics
  • Verified WhatsApp Business profile with a Green Tick
  • The messages Bulk notification through broadcast
  • Use BSPs or CRM instead of an app or interface.
  • Support for WhatsApp Chatbot & Interactive Messages
  • Customer service access with several agents

3 simple steps to get going!

  1. Pick a solution provider - Access to the WhatsApp Business API is available through several business solution providers (BSP).The customer messaging interface that you require to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages is not included with many of these digital agencies; instead, they merely provide access to the API.

    Any business may easily utilize the WhatsApp Business API using a consumer messaging platform like ValueFirst. With ValueFirst, you'll receive a complete solution for effective WhatsApp support, allowing you to begin going right away.
  2. Establish a WhatsApp Business account - After choosing a solution provider, you will need to confirm your company in Facebook Business Manager and accept a "message on behalf of" request.
  3.  Inform your clients that they can contact you on WhatsApp - On WhatsApp, users can't search for your brand like they can on Facebook or Telegram. It's also not a natural part of the client journey, unlike website chat. How well you market this new contact channel will greatly influence how your clients react to WhatsApp Business.

FAQs concerning the WhatsApp Business API

  1. What does a 24-hour message window entail?
    Once a business receives a message for a customer-initiated chat, WhatsApp creates a 24-hour messaging window for the business to communicate with its customers for free. The window will close if a company does not reply to a communication within 24 hours. Similar to business-initiated communications, firms must pay again if they want to send another notification after 24 hours.
  2. Why ValueFirst?
    ValueFirst is an official partner of Facebook to deploy WhatsApp-based solutions for customers. You can engage your customers in one-way notifications such as order& payment updates, reminders, boarding passes and invoices, suggestions,and authentication codes, or two-way conversations with AI powered WhatsApp chatbots.
  3.  How much does the WhatsApp API cost?
    Dependingon the features and insights each partner offers on their dashboard, different partners charge different amounts for the WhatsApp business API. You can ask for a demo to better understand ValueFirst's pricing structure, and one of our sales professionals will get in touch with you.

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