Tips & Tricks to Drive more Traffic to your WhatsApp Business Account

Tips & Tricks to Drive more Traffic to your WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp is massive. With more than two billion active users, it is by far the most widely used messaging app worldwide.

Obviously, businesses are scrambling over each other to reach this enormous audience. It’s not as easy as you might think, though—after all, WhatsApp currently doesn’t serve ads, and its encrypted messaging system means targeting would be very limited anyway.

Innovative companies have been discovering effective ways of reaching customers on WhatsApp. The messaging app has proven useful for customer service, one-on-one communications, conversational commerce, and even unconventional marketing campaigns.

Now, if you’re troubled with the question of “How to draw more customers to your WhatsApp Business Account” then this blog is here to woo your troubles away.

Let’s get started!

Since, there is a plethora of ways to promote WhatsApp as your communication channel, we’ll run down the most vital ones for you.

1.    On your website

Does your website offer the possibility to chat with your website visitors? This is a highly visible way to engage customers. Adding a WhatsApp channel to your website is a great way to extend engagement with your visitors.

Following are some areas where you can increase exposure for your WhatsApp channel:

  • Contact us page: Reaching out via WhatsApp is easy and getting more traction than ever. A call-to-action button placed in the site's footer makes it simple for customers to get in touch with the company.
  • Home page: You can alert people about your WhatsApp channel here. You can use generic language like "Use WhatsApp to get in touch with us" on the home page to promote the WhatsApp channel.

    The more obvious the WhatsApp button or link is on a website, the quicker and simpler it is to initiate a chat. It is much more time and effort efficient to tap a link or scan a QR code instead of putting in a phone number.

    People are more inclined to use WhatsApp to communicate with your company if it is prominently displayed.

2.    Create Broadcast Lists

 Build your lists around themes or subsets of your target market. Once your lists are ready, you can send broadcast messages in an effort to boost participation, much like you might on Twitter.

Your communications can contain anything from an invitation to a sale. If you are hosting an event or releasing a product that your target demographic would be interested in, broadcast lists are the way to go.

Assume for a moment that your company provides spa and recreational services. Celebrations of milestone anniversaries, summer, and bank holidays will pique the interest of your target audience. This affords you the chance to reach a large audience with a single message.

3.    Use SMS to promote your WhatsApp Business

The customer's phone number is the information you have at your disposal. Most likely, you're reaching out to them via short message service (SMS) campaigns. More visitor scan be attracted by doing this. When looking for ways to increase customer awareness of the WhatsApp channel and facilitate exit-entry point redirection, one of the most obvious first ports of call is the SMS blast.

Sending out a mass text message can be helpful at many junctures and landmarks along the way:

  • As a means of alerting end users about the existence of your WhatsApp Channel, it can serve as a first line of defense for the whole user base.
  • Another great way to use SMS as a consent opt-in message redirecting to the WhatsApp channel.

4.    On your product pages & blogs

Your product pages are undoubtedly mobile-friendly and UX/conversion-focused. But what if your visitor has a question? You don't want him to lose interest and leave your site because he couldn't figure out how to get in touch with you. Can you imagine how convenient it would be if he could simply click a button on the product page to initiate a chat with the company using WhatsApp on his phone or computer?

5.    CTAs on social media and digital advertisements

Of course, the same principles that apply to print ads also apply to social media ads. Including link or displaying a QR code is all it takes to encourage customers to contact you through your WhatsApp Business Account.

Look at how you can leverage organic and paid social media to increase your WhatsApp channel's visibility and audience.

  • Organic social media- You can place the link on your account bio or description or add it as a highlight on your Instagram account to start a conversation on WhatsApp.
  • Paid social media- In Facebook Ads and other social media Ads, you can place a “Send a message” button, through which a chat can be initiated on WhatsApp.

That’s a wrap

That’s all folks! If you’re on WhatsApp already, think about how you can improve your customer service, work in some clever marketing campaigns, and consider whether you need a third-party tool. And if you’re not on WhatsApp, it looks like the right time to jump on the bandwagon.    

To maximize your ROI, you need to learn how to attract more people to your WhatsApp channel as more and more businesses begin their foray into this medium. There is no magic formula or one surefire technique to increase your site's traffic, as it depends on a wide variety of factors. It's important to try things out, evaluate the results, put them into action, and then repeat the process until you've achieved success.

WhatsApp Business Platform by ValueFirst-

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Before we part ways, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.


Why use WhatsApp for your Business?

WhatsApp is one of the most used communication apps across the world with an active community of 2.2 billion global users. Messages on WhatsApp have a 98% open rate & a 45-60% click-through rate - 5x more than emails & SMS. That's why you should definitely use WhatsApp for your business marketing & support.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is a programmable API, launched by Facebook in 2018 allowing businesses to Broadcast & receive Unlimited messages to a Global audience & drive better customer experiences on WhatsApp.

Which should you use - WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp API?  

While WhatsApp Business is tailored for small businesses &individual owners, WhatsApp API is built for medium to large businesses with large message volumes.

But, if you want to:

Use WhatsApp on multiple devices, Send WhatsApp broadcasts to over 1,00,000 users in one go, Automate WhatsApp Chatbot, and send clickable buttons with messages, then choose WhatsApp Business API.

How to grow online Business on WhatsApp?

The best way to grow your online business on WhatsApp is by using an official WhatsApp Marketing platform like ValueFirst built using WhatsApp Business APIs. With ValueFirst’s WhatsApp Business API, you can broadcast messages officially to unlimited users, automate notifications, provide live chat on unlimited devices & integrate chatbots.