WhatsApp Commerce - The Ultimate Guide 2022

WhatsApp Commerce - The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Reinvent the future of shopping with the power of WhatsApp- the next E-commerce breakthrough

Conversations. Chats. Chit-chats. We all relish them, don’t we? WhatsApp is no stranger to giving the global diaspora a space to unite and thrive. With 2 billion users and counting, WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging platform. People across180 countries use the app to communicate with their friends, families, and co-workers through swift and seamless messaging.

As WhatsApp continues to broaden the range of services it provides to businesses, it is increasingly being seen not just as an engagement tool, but a platform to enable conversational commerce as well. This has given a set off to the concept of ‘WhatsApp Commerce’ which is a potential game changer, given its capabilities to offer and sell products and services to customers using WhatsApp as the primary channel.

In today’s blog, we will unearth how WhatsApp is driving conversational commerce and how can you, as a business, use WhatsApp to level up your selling game.

WhatsApp commerce is enabling end-to end user journeys

WhatsApp has been rapidly advancing towards becoming a full-fledged conversational commerce platform as a result of the growing use by both users and businesses. WhatsApp has rolled out a new interactive feature- the Product Catalog, for businesses across the globe to ensure a comprehensive shopping experience.

The Product Catalog, a feature for WhatsApp Business, allows you to showcase and share your products and services directly in the app. This will make it easier for your customers to view your products and make orders. You'll be able to sell, right then and there.

Here’s how the product catalog looks like-

From click to payments- End to end journeys

How to create and manage Product Catalog on WhatsApp Business

Follow these 7 simple steps to create a product catalog:

  1. Go to Commerce Manager.
  2. Start creating your catalogue.
  3. Select the type of inventory you advertise or sell, then click Next.
  4. E-commerce (products) only: Choose how you want to add items to your catalogue.
  5. Select the Business Manager account that your catalogue belongs to. This unlocks more ways to use your catalogue than selecting a personal account and enables you to assign other people permission to work on the catalogue. To select a Business Manager account, you must be a business admin.
  6. Enter a name for your catalogue.
  7. Click Create.

With the Product Catalog feature, you can add a maximum of 500 products to your catalog.

For detailed information can visit this link:


What are the benefits of a WhatsApp Business Catalog?

1. Reduce Business Cycles
Imagine having to go back and forth with customers on emails sharing information endlessly, which leads to no positive outcome. Instead, sharing information on digital catalogs can help move the deal from one stage to the other. With information available to customers efficiently, it reduces clogs within the business cycle.

2. Improve Conversion Rate
Product catalogs help businesses improve conversion rates as salespeople, and customers/prospects can have contextual conversations instead of spending time on problem discovery and solution. When customers have all the data that they need, they can seek approvals, make decisions, and buy products more efficiently.

 3. Enhance Branding
Product information documents are useful places to promote a company's brand. Using distinct colors, images, caricatures, cartoons, logo, font family, and a call to action can enable your brand to stand apart from the rest. Some businesses record their history and journey to establish a connection with their audience without being physically present. This enables users to easily recall a brand after browsing through its product catalogs.

 4. Enabling payments and support instantly on WhatsApp
What’s a shopping experience without seamless checkouts? With shorter attention spans and customers preferring a flawless experience in buying products enabling this continuity has become a mandate for businesses. WhatsApp also lets users pay for products on the same interface. WhatsApp payments, as provided by Facebook(now Meta), are available in India, Brazil, and the United States.

To sum up

The golden era for e-commerce business has dawned! With 59% of shoppers wanting to connect directly with brands through messaging to order and complete their purchases, WhatsApp Commerce will become the most crucial channel for generating sales and unlocking hyper exponential growth.

WhatsApp Business Platform by ValueFirst-

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