Emojis in SMS Marketing & Business Communication

Did you know that 64% of people confirm that they prefer to interact with businesses if they include emoji in their communication modes – SMS or email? Amazing right! With the advent of SMS marketing and business communication through various SMS Gateway API provided by the SMS API provider, the scope of creativity and quirky marketing strategies has made room in the marketplace. Emojis are pretty in trends in SMS marketing and business communication strategies of young startups to big MNCs. From past recent years, it is observed that countless brands, intensely in the B2C sector, are relying on emojis as their potent marketing tactic to execute branding strategies casually. They are now smartly deploying emojis to push and brush up their brand's image and relatability in their communication cycles.

Benefits of Emojis in SMS marketing and Business Communication

  • Increases Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Open Rates - As per reports, if there are emojis in business communication or SMS marketing, the chances to click the links and visit the targeted website or probability to perform Call to Action CTA will be increased by 24%.
  • Results in Higher Customer Engagement – When any business communication involves the wise use of emojis, it attracts customers. The communication seems genuine and honest when emojis are included, and it gives a scope of better communication and high customer engagement rates.
  • • Builds Trust in Customers and Targeted Audience – For instance if emojis are included while communicating with the customers or potential buyers via SMS service, the customer places trust in the business. Then the conversation seems genuine, even in bulk SMS services, and informal rather than direct sales or pitch-related communication.

Tips to include emojis in SMS marketing and Business Communication

Do you want to know how you can implement them in your marketing tactics? Then read the quick and proven tips to include emojis smartly in your SMS marketing and business communication.

  • Ensure that you include the emojis effectively, use a relevant and limited number of emojis while following SMS marketing strategies.
  • Do not overuse emojis while promoting a brand via mentioning CTA links in SMS.
    Use case:
  • Higher use of emojis in SMS marketing tactics may mark your SMS as spam.
  • Do not replace words and CTAs with emojis.
    Use case:
  • Use situation-based emojis to keep your customer or audience intact in case of a waiting period.

Use case:
If you have received a customer's query and need to respond with a long waiting period or extended SLA resolution.

Remember, an overdose of any good thing can impact negatively and may sway the current branding tactics. Ensure to follow the latest Enterprise SMS tactics smartly and don't go overboard!

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