Safer SMS Conversations with Google verified SMS

SMS notifications help companies exchange valuable information with users, such as one-time passwords, account reminders, or appointment confirmations. However, often it can be hard to trust the identity of these messages, which are sometimes sent from random numbers. Some texts may also come from bad actors who claim to be trustworthy companies and ask for personal data or link to unsafe websites—the malpractice is termed phishing.

Google verified SMS which is being rolled out in several countries, can help you verify the true identity of the business that has sent you the text. The function works through authenticationwhich is accomplished via sending the message copy to Google that tests on a per-message basis, verifying that a particular business sent the content. Once the message is scanned and authenticated, the receiver can see the company name and Brand Image as well as the verification badge in the message thread.

Google verified SMS is just one of the many initiatives to strengthen business messaging; Value First continues to work towards the engagement and enhancement of your chat experience through Rich Business Messaging (RBM).

Conventional SMS v/s verified SMS

Unlike traditional SMSs that may lead to phishing, you know that an SMS is verified and through a genuine source when you can see:

  • Sender's business name
  • Sender's business logo
  • A verification badge in the message thread.
  • A Preview when some site link is shared

Besides, all conversations between companies and Google are secure, and text content is never shared with Google.

How Google Safeguards Messages

When companies sign-up with Verified SMS, Google works with them to validate their true identities. If a verified business wants to send a message, it creates an indecipherable authenticity code (also classified as a message hash) for it and sends a code key to Google, besides sending the text to the user. An Authenticity code is a cryptographic technique used to confirm the integrity of a message without exposing the text content.

Real-time spam detection and reporting

Apart from reviewing and authenticating the business that is sending the texts, an advanced level of spam filtration is also available with Google verified SMS. It alerts users of alleged spam & unsafe content. Users may even report them and help develop a robust spam detection model. Customers can also write spam texts to messages at any given time and block a conversation to avoid receiving such communications in the future.

The way forward

Verified SMS enables brands to send SMS to confirm their identity, integrate brand knowledge and reduce the infringement risk. Google Verified SMS intends to make it easier for users to make choices about the messages they receive. It also helps companies strengthen their conversations with customers, build trust, and prevent scams.

It also gives marketers an edge and helps them deepen and strengthen their communication strategies further as now the message comes from a trusted source. The functionality aims to increase response rates along with brand experience and at the same time, reducing the risk of messaging fraud. Verified SMS will help marketers significantly enhance business engagements, ensuring that their brand stands out as the company logo and information are displayed along with.

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