How FMCG benefits from SMS Marketing in the new normal?

How can merchants develop their marketing functions to generate more traffic and customer interaction in the burgeoning retail sector?

A great saying from Booker T. Washington, "If you want to get up, get someone else up." has the solution hidden in it.

Booker's suggestion is the perfect tactic for FMCG companies to incorporate the perfect blend of their marketing strategies to garner customer loyalty and higher retention, besides scaling up the traffic and enhancing sales activities.

Productive businesses today have one thing in common: they are consumer-centric and deeply committed to their Marketing channels. They have a passion for meeting the customer's needs with creative concepts in a well-defined system.  

And when it comes to the retail sector, SMS marketing is the best way to advertise your store or website. It works cohesively to improve sales, increase brand recognition, attract customers, and help grow and expand your small retail company into a big global brand.

Here are the five ways through which SMS marketing can support your retail business:

Text special promotions/offers

Do you have discounts and deals running on a regular basis? Let your consumers know through a text! With SMS promotions, you can almost guarantee that your notification will be read. To apprise them of an attractive deal, when it's going to end, how they can reap the benefits of it, and most importantly, how much they can save.

Purchase and delivery details

When a user purchases from you,  ensure to send them a text thanking them for their order. Then let them know when their package is going to be shipped—  that extra effort with customer care usually pays off well.

Upgrading feedback

SMS polls are new normal that help retailers analyze consumer perceptions of goods and services; they are instrumental in improving the company's plan of action.

Following up for the feedback from users after they have received the product, provide manufacturers with details about the customer's opinions on their services/goods in real-time. It enables marketers to understand consumer product tastes and loyalty to identify areas of improvement and to correct them accordingly.

A new study revealed that 79% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Improve store visits

At times, getting buyers through the door can be one of the toughest tasks for FMCGs— a text with a tempting offer that can only be used in-store could be used as a sure shot tactic to lure them in.

SMS loyalty programs

Consumers want to feel important, and by giving them exclusive SMS deals – you're sure to make them feel special. So launch the SMS loyalty program and let clients sign up – word would spread out quickly.

As buyer shopping habits have changed significantly in the last decade or so, the SMS marketing channel has become a critical tool for all eCommerce retailers to garner more sales. Retail SMS marketing campaigns are a veiled gift for businesspeople to generate value for customers and receive value from buyers in return.

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