Click-to-Call button for instant and personalized customer service

Your website or App could be full of incredible content, but sometimes your visitors want to speak to an actual, live human. Perhaps they want to learn more about your goods/services before they make the buying decision, or maybe they have a support related issue and are unwilling to wait around for an email response. A business phone number is either concealed in a hard-to-find contact page on several websites or entirely missing— Often, conveying the strong message, "Don't call us."

But, what if you intend to give some other impression? If you want to present yourself as a team of warm and friendly people who love to communicate with their clients, then the Click-to-Call button for android or websites is for you.

What is Click-to-call solution?

Click to Call, also popularly known as click-for-talk or click-to-dial, defines a type of digital communication in which a person clicks a button to get linked to another person in real-time— without either of them actually having to dial any number. Businesses can quickly incorporate API to introduce a click-to-call service through their AI-enabled chat apps for their Customer support teams. In more precise terms, it helps a client receive a phone call from any enterprise by merely leaving their number on the company's portal/app.

The technology that drives this is a simple Programmable Voice Communication API, and it can make a significant difference by propelling revenue growth, lead generation, and quicker ticket resolutions.

How does It work?

On Website

Through the link/widget installed on your website, the user enters their number. The API immediately links the Call to a pre-assigned customer connect number. Your operator and client can now communicate directly through the Call.

On App

A click-to-call button on your App allows quick and secure communication between the user and your customer support team. The input directive goes to the server, which in turn dials the customer.

Click-to-call solution USPs


A Simple click-to-dial solution helps agents contact customers instantly without having to dial a new number manually every time.

Customer division

Click-to-call solutions integrate with Turbo enabled Conversational AI services and CRM software, which, in turn, helps your support team to easily segment customers based on their specific need/inquiry and offer quick solutions.

Better conversion rate

Enabling faster capturing and converting hot leads while they are still interested in your product/services by adding a Click-to-Call button on your website/App.

Enhanced User Experience

Click-to-talk functionality provides a seamless experience to your clients by reducing their effort in trying to reach you. Interface personalization further adds up to the overall experience.

Zero missed leads

With having Click-to-call functionality integrated with your App/website, your customer can reach your business at any time and drop in a callback request.

Enhanced engagement

Adding Click-to-Call button on your website or App is sure to increase engagement with your customers.

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