All-In-One Contact Center with IVR

In the era of startups, effective communication is the key to success. Handling multiple calls and messages requires a massive workforce. Here, Interactive Voice Response or IVR from a genuine cloud communication platform provider comes in as a boon to startups, cloud contact centres, or companies by providing effective service at a meagre cost. Did you know that around 37% less downtime underwent in most cloud contact centres? Check out some of the benefits of IVR.

1. Effective communication

IVR offers a wide range of custom IVR services to program it with personalized greetings for specific clients based on their caller ID information. IVR enables the company to identify a caller by name, identify, and share information related to the caller/client. IVR provides multi-language support (Hindi, English, Spanish, German, etc.) to the chat system, which bridges the communication gap (created by language) between clients and the company.

2. Prioritizing calls & customers

For the company's growth, prioritizing tasks is a must, leading to a better understanding of the urgency of the client's/callers' subject nature. IVRs allow you to prioritize calls based on the client's priority level via cloud voice services.

For instance – If a high-priority client calls, the IVR will redirect to the account manager or the apt agent to deal with high-priority calls. But, if the specific account manager or the agent is busy, the IVR is intelligent enough to redirect that high-priority client call to a waiting queue agent and that too without any hassle. Through this, the company will never lose a high-priority client due to the unavailability of agent or agent mismatch.

3. Increase productivity

IVR offers a voice broadcasting feature that will lead to excellent branding of the venture across the market. The productivity of a company depends upon branding, customer happiness, and prioritization. If proper communication, continuous follow-ups, and proper redirection of customers' issues to the apt departments, it will increase its credibility among the customers. The company will expand horizontally and vertically by connecting with more and more customers across the globe.

4. Ease of customisation

IVR provides an exceptional management tool and custom IVR services to handle traffic on calls or messages by giving many inbuilt features like:

  • Detailed activity log during the call
  • Integration with any database
  • Custom IVR services - multiple telephone line support (Analog and Digital), call routing and re-routing (redirecting call to the concerned department), and chat systems
  • Voice Call API services – call forwarding, voice alerts, and voicemail
  • Text-to-speech (text-to-speech is a functionality, which converts the call into spoken words as a transcript)

For instance - You might have received a recorded call from our mobile operator saying, "Your current mobile balance is rupees one hundred and fifty paise." Here, the first part of the sentence (in italics) is fixed, and the second part (bold) is fetched from a database. The mobile balance number is fetched from the database, converted into spoken words, and delivered by the IVR.

For a successful venture, effective communication is essential between the company and clients. Cloud telephony can rule out loopholes like - delay in response, delay in follow-ups, unavailability of customer care executive, and related issues and gain trust by engaging clients with trusted, branded calls. To know more about intelligent routing IVR systems and call center mechanisms, get in touch with the experts now.

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