Five Reasons Live Agents love Chatbots

Gone are the days when the AI-based Chatbots for Business were considered a threat to the customer service team and live agents and often regarded as early indications to process shutdown and salary cuts. Did you know that 64% of live agents prefer using chatbots API to solve less priority or template-based queries? Meanwhile, they get time to spend on high priority queries and solve complex issues and queries within deadlines. Get an insight into why live agents love chatbots-

1. Saves time – Chatbots are adept in dealing with multiple requests from customers simultaneously and without keeping them waiting for too long. Thus, it results in a shorter hold queue and quick resolution to basic and apparent queries raised by the customers. With the help of chatbots, the live agent can easily segregate the priority requests and issues of the customers and save a lot of time by managing multiple customers at once via chatbots.

2. Improves Productivity – The live agents take the help of chatbots and work to prioritise the high priority issues and requests. The chatbots are skilled and programmed to provide the exact solution to some of the template-based and essential queries raised by the customers. At the same time, the live agent gets time to tackle complex problems. Also, chatbots are an excellent example of artificial intelligence, and customers often seek chatbots' assistance to resolve their issues. They come with automation and template-based answers that reduce various pain points, such as long-wait queues, irrelevant responses, misleading information, or too many redirects for a basic query by the customer.

3. Provides Prompt Resolution – chatbots can tackle repetitive requests by providing situation-based resolutions to the customers' queries. Thus, live agents prefer chatbots for quickly resolving repetitive questions.

4. Reduces Open Cases Rates – The most common fear and pressure of live agents are high open ticket rates. So, to reduce the available cases rates, they prefer chatbots assistance. Chatbots offers quick resolutions to the customers in the first attempt and reduces the ticket rates.

5. Maintains Work-life Balance – The live agents love chatbots as they are flexible enough to handle multiple queries without hurting the deadlines or the SLAs. It allows the live agent to work on issues with a free mind and lesser pressure on SLAs. It makes the live agent more focused and performs more by delivering high-quality services to the customers with a stress-free mind. Chatbots are a saviour for live agents to maintain work-life balance by reducing the pressure of harsh deadlines from them.

Chatbots are multitasking, and they can provide prompt responses to the customer in real-time without any hassle. Live agents prefer chatbots as they increase productivity and efficiency. To know more about chatbot solutions and how they can revolutionize your business, visit us now!

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