IVR is the future and the future is here

A crucial aspect of today’s business involves interacting, understanding, and providing smart resolution to customer queries. One of the key areas where Voice-based solutions are making a considerable difference is in front running customer service experience and simplifying the opt-in process.

Today, the use of IVR involves maximizing customer experience at minimum cost. Many businesses use the service of Interactive voice response (IVR) technology for —

  1. Automating the customer identification process during calls and predict a faster response time
  2. Gathering important information to create value and send personalized messages and prompts
  3. Handle high call volume and surges efficiently and provide the right agent to the right customer
  • Intelligent IVR experience through Value First Voice Solution

The use of IVR in today’s business is a great addition to automate the process, reduce time, and minimize errors. However, to be a business of tomorrow — you need to leapfrog and provide solutions that are always two-steps ahead of where the market is currently. ValueCallz by ValueFirst is one of the best enterprise voice platforms that provide intelligent voice services across channels. Its features include:

  • Integrate and scale for the future

One of the major breakthroughs in IVR systems has been the ability to scale for increasing business needs. ValueCallz is an integrated platform that allows for two-way conversations for service response teams and provides high throughput with vernacular support. Today many customers feel like they are talking to a robot while trying to find a solution to their query, this can at times feel robotic and boring. IVRs flows can be intelligently designed and modified to communicate with consumers who have need two-way conversations that are fast, simple, and available in their own language.

  • Adapted for the smart solutions

Using the platform business can now receive multiple calls simultaneously at the call center. Increase your push marketing services and broadcast to multiple individuals at the same time throughout enhanced Outbound IVR features. Additionally, our Outbound Calling features lets you automate personalized messages that are a great way to connect with your customers.

  • Comprehensive voice support that is unmatched

An integrated IVR platform is the need of future business. The Voice platform has been designed and built keeping the needs of the future in mind. Throughout comprehensive solutions like; Text2Speech and Click2Call are great offerings empowers for automated voice response at the click of a button.

  • In-built customer security solutions

Todays’ IVR infrastructure holds sensitive and IP data that are crucial to businesses’ assets. ValueCallz has in-built and enhanced cybersecurity processes that improve anonymize communication solutions and encrypt customer contact data. Additionally, automated customer data is sent to the customer center for improving customer support.

  • One-stop voice solutions for every industry

Today businesses from different industries need customized integration based on their customer needs and requirements. ValueCallz is built to allow such flexibility and integration across industries such as; providing timely payment-related solutions for the BFSI industry. Promotional broadcasts, announcements to market feedback for the FMCG industry. Sending confirmations, notifications, and advertisements for businesses in the e-commerce industry.

The future of Interactive voice response (IVR) is set to be transformational in every sector and industry. The way businesses communicate in the future will lie at the core of how smart, scalable, and adaptable Interactive Voice Response systems are. The merging of technologies is for the future of IVR and ValueCallz is certainly going to able to bridge the gap between — offering a human-like personalized customer experience and while also managing costs and improving efficiency.

Achieve your marketing objectives with scalable and personalized email solutions, dominating the industry for over 17 years now with ValueFirst‘s Voice solution. Reach out to us for any assistance and information.