5 hacks to Optimise Email Open & CTRs

Email Marketing is the undisputed winner when it comes to customer engagement. 89% of marketers use email as the primary channel for generating leads. 29% of marketers rate email marketing as the most effective marketing channel.

But, there is always one question that leaves marketers hassled with Email; how to achieve better Open & click-through rates?

In this blog, we’re gonna talk about 5 easy ways which can really boost your Open & Click-Through Rates:

Optimizing Open Rates

1. Timing

  • You should test different times of day to find out the best-performing time slot.
  • Ask yourself when your customers might be checking their email.
  • A/B test time of day and days of the week - The data tells all!
  • Measure open rates, clicks, and of course… conversions
  • Adjust your send times as a result of the analysis
  • Some ESP’s can send emails at optimized times your users are likely to open
  • According to a recent data,  the state best open rates occurred during: 7am - 1pm - Waking up, before work, lunch break 5pm - 7pm - The while I’m finishing work and ready to chill time
  • Test Test Test

2. Get Personal

  • Use the name in subject lines. It can increase open rates by 29% (via getting Response)
  • Epsilon research found that 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when their experience is personalized.
  • Don’t overdo it. Don’t get creepy. Build the relationship first!

3. “Avoid Being Boring” - But How?

  • Try to be relevant - talk about current, trending, and hot topics
  • Controversial - Go against the grain to stand out (Newspaper style)
  • Provocative - Emotion drives action. Build desire and interest.

4. Keep Subject Lines Short

  • You get to 6-10 words to capture attention, be punchy and to the point
  • If you can fit the whole hook in the subject line this is great. If not… ensure you fit enough intrigue to get the open. You get 0.4 seconds to capture the customer’s attention

5. Take Advantage of the Second Subject Line

  • People ignore this opportunity to hook people in with sales copy. It’s a second chance to get open.
  • It supplements the main subject line. Don’t let this be automated otherwise it pulls in the content you don’t want to share which can affect the whole message: Bad Examples: “View this message in your browser”, “Share this on social media”

Optimizing CTR

As you’re writing your email content, you know your main goal is to get the click. The different sections of your body are all in place to get the click, but there are techniques to enter your links and call to actions to drive the clicks. The way you add these links with these tips will help you transition from each section of the email to the next without repeating the same ‘buy now’ cta over and over again.

Call to action link tips:

1. Ask a question

  • “Do you want my email templates? Click here”
  • “Want to see how we increased sales by 10x? Watch here”

2. Use proof & results to lure them in

“This will double your email open rates. See how by clicking here.” “This increased sales by $135,857. See how here”

3. Put the ‘yes’ word in their mouth

“Want to increase your revenue? Click here” “Want to save time and money? Click here”

4. Tease the end results and benefit

“With these resources [LINK] you’ll be able to make more money in your business by doing less work, and getting better results for clients. You can click here to start [LINK].”

5. Now or Never Scarcity

This is your final opportunity to access the offer [LINK] Offer Ending Tonight. Buy Now.

Additional Click Optimization's Hacks

1) Add images of videos in your content.

  • The play button hovering over the image increase click through rates
  • Interactive and dynamic content
  • Engaging thumbnails

2) Use Gifs for previews

  • Gifs act in a similar way to images with play buttons
  • Already have moving, engaging content that can evoke intrigue and action
  • They can present and preview the offer to tease customers and lure them in

3) Add a survey within the email

  • Show the questions and answers available to the contact Link each answer to your website
  • Make sure the questions are engaging for them to want to click
  • The questions don’t have to be business feedback… Make them thought provoking

4) Countdown Timer

  • When a sale is ending, have a countdown timer within the email This strengthens the urgency and scarcity levels of the emails
  • These tactics capture attention. It can be the movement that a contact see’s in a millisecond, that ultimately drives them to your website where you can convert them into sales!