How to Boost Email CTRs with these Five Hacks?


Encouraging recipients to click and open your email is the first step to converting conversions. It will trigger them to take the desired action, such as making a purchase, clicking on the codes, registering for an event, etc. So, how will you know whether your email is enough for achieving these goals? After the open rate, what is your email campaign's second most essential metric? Yes, it's the click-through rate or CTRs. But what exactly is a CTR? Here you will know!

What is Email CTR?

An email's CTR can be defined as the number of clicks on your email compared to the number of successfully open emails. (Note, the bounced emails are not included here.) The major aim of sending an email is to trigger the receiver to purchase or take action in favour of the sender. Also, the CTR acts as an open mirror to understand the relevance and quality of the sent email. 

You might be wondering what a good CTR is for an email? The answers vary based on industries ranging from 1% in the retail sector to 6%in the government sector. However, the average CTR across all industries is 2.6%. So, if you're panicking about low CTRs, don't worry; you are almost here. 

Many factors directly or indirectly influence clicks on the sente mail resulting in lead generation. Here are the top 5 hacks to boost conversions.

Five Ways to Boost Email CTRs 

Here are the top 5 ways to boost your CTRs, turning your potential customers into real customers and ultimately contributing to growth. Let's have a look - 

1.  Make it look consistent and engaging. 

Content is the king of all, no matter what platform you're on.It is the most important thing for which recipients click on your email. So you need to make sure that your deliverability is up to the mark that imparts value. To trigger the recipient, make sure you generate tailor-made emails so that they are not confused by why they received it. From making transactions to email confirmation, make it simple and to the point to make it customer engagement worthy. 

Here are the best content tips you can consider while formulating emails to boost CTR

  • Start with an intriguing and catchy introduction to hook readers. 
  • Add an interesting subject line that engages readers. 
  • Keep the content short, crisp, and to the  point as more than half the readers scroll down only after reading 5-7  lines. 
  • Make content engaging by using links,  images, URLs. However, please do not overdo it as it might turn off the reader. 
  • Once the content is ready, proofread it to  detect errors. If any, suggest reliable solutions. 

For any brand to stay relevant, consistency is the key. Please make sure you're consistent with your work and send it to the right set of groups. 

2.  Go for a focused layout.

Today, 85% of email receivers are using smartphones to read emails. So, don't you think desktop-only frameworks will not break the ice here? You're most likely to go for a responsive layout. The responsive design fits perfectly in every device, whether you're opening the email on your smartphone, desktop, or any other device. As a result, the readers are intrigued to read more and move towards CTA naturally. 

3.   Include a compelling CTA 

The major aim behind sending an email is to increase conversion sand generate leads. What if your email does not have a compelling CTA to encourage the reader to take any action? Well, it's a mere waste of time. Here are industry's-best CTA practices you can follow too- 

  • Do not use phrases like "click     here," which leaves the reader wondering where I will land. Give a     clear explanation or use more concise terms such as "read more,"     "shop now," "donate here," and so on. 
  • When it comes to the CTA's text color, do not stick to blacks. Go for contrasting colors like blue, which blend     well but look different simultaneously. It ensures that the CTA stands out     in the crowd.
  • Place CTA in multiple spots to increase the chances of getting clicked. However, do not overdo it as it will turn off the readers.

4.  Use images with Alt text.

Whether your email is making complete sense even without images, adding a few at the right spot adds meaning to your story. Remember, images are generally turned off by default; hence a relevant alt text to go with it is also an ideal choice. You can also consider adding links tot he images to have direct access to images.

5.  Post in an ideal time frame 

The day and time you decide to send an email make a huge impact on the results. However, there is no specific spot that the experts approved for posting. To examine which time will suit them best, go for A/B testing to see what days and times reflect the highest CTRs. 

Another thing to take into consideration is the frequency of thee mail. People have a misconception of "more emails = elevated leads."It has been noticed that sending too many emails increases the chances of unsubscription. Therefore, make sure you're extra careful. 


If you've been running the email campaign for months now and not getting the expected results, now you must know where you've gone wrong. For any brand aiming to work extensively well, email marketing is crucial to boost sales and generate leads. The five hacks mentioned above are designed to elevate your sales if implemented rightly. It increases traffic to your website and boosts brand awareness like no other. So, what you're thinking now, it's time to experience the impact of CTR. 

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