50 of the Best Email Subject Lines Ever!

50 of the Best Email Subject Lines Ever!

Do you know over 300 million emails are sent Every Single Day! And more than half of them are left unopened and end up in the trash bin. The only reason is the lack of an interesting and catchy email subject line. So, if you don’t want your email to end up in the trash bin, check out this collection of 50 best email subject lines ever.

What even are subject lines?

Before we dive into the collection, you must know what the subject line is. So, the line that users see in their email inbox that gives them an inkling as to what the email will contain is called the subject line. This one line of content frequently affects whether the reader will open your email to read it or will simply delete it. You can even generate the best email subject lines for your business using any email marketing platform or email marketing campaign services available.

Why are subject lines important?

The majority of research shows that more than 50% of people decide whether to read the email or delete it, solely by looking at the subject line. In other terms, subject lines have the sole ability to determine the success of your email marketing campaign strategy. This 20-40 character line has the power to make or break your email marketing management strategy. It is this line that appeals to the recipient’s curiosity and imagination, ultimately making the first impression of your brand or company.

How to make out a good subject line?

The key to a good subject line is its preciseness. All good subject lines are precise and short, relaying the message in as few words as possible. Next, good subject lines are usually intriguing and that excite the feeling of excitement, curiosity and thrill. Moreover, funny subject lines containing a good pun also make out a good subject lines.

50 best lines

Now, without further delay, here are the best email subject lines, proven and tested by most email marketing platforms:

  1. Your strategy sucks! Why do you need to think again…
  2. Gen Z are much better than Millennials!
  3. A5 year old is way more ahead of you! Why?
  4. You need it, we have got it!
  5. Stuck in a loop? Let us scoop!
  6. You think this is the end? We’ve got you friend
  7. You Have Two Choices.
  8. Shhhh… Here’s a freebie for you
  9. DO YOU KNOW??
  10. Hope you are doing well..
  11. Welcome, welcome, welcome, to………..
  12. Your subscription is confirmed…..
  13. Thankyou for the payment of…
  14. Report it if it was not you
  15. Your with drawl limit…
  16. We made a mistake…..
  17. These deals are a BIG Deal
  18. Check it out before its too late
  19. You should not have done this
  20. Watch out for this
  21. This is an email to alert you of….
  23. New alert from
  24. Congratulations, you have won….
  25. We look forward to see you at….
  26. Your registration has been confirmed for…….
  27. You are invited!
  28. Free resources for you
  29. Only for today! Check out…….
  30. You are one lucky winner……
  31. Error! System error, please check…
  32. Ugh, not again!
  33. Its your birthday……..
  35. Surprise attack! You should check out…
  36. Are you coming?
  37. Following you up on…
  38. Do you need some help?
  39. Wanna meet again?
  40. I have finally found you!
  41. Goodbye bye.. until we meet again
  42. I am running late
  43. Tips and tricks!
  44. Today is the day!
  45. Thank you so much for shopping at……
  46. Good news!
  47. Do not open this email!
  48. Your account has been deleted.
  49. Hey! What's up?
  50. Its been a long time

How to choose a good subject line?

If you are unsure as to what subject line you should choose, don’t worry, we have got you! If you are looking for some thing creative, you can choose a poetic or controversial line, like line number 2 or 4.
If you need a subject line to drive up your sales, check out line 44, 17, 38.
If you need a line to induce a little mystery, you can go for line 40, 22, 34.
Or, if you need a funny line to give your customer a good laugh, the lines 35, 7, 31 are for you.
If you need a line for promotional offer, check outlines 8, 17, 23, 25 are for you.

How to write a good subject line?

Well, if you are still unsure what subject line to choose from, or if you can’t find one that can help you. Its okay, here are some tips to help you write the best subject lines for you!

  1. Keep it short and sweet: these types of lines work the best and can be used for any marketing campaign, helping you to save time by not tailoring each and every line for different campaigns.
  2. Personalized: readers prefer personalization over anything. So a personalized subject line is your best option to have increased chances of your mails being opened.
  3. Grammar and vocabulary: Good grammar and vocabulary is the most essential thing and creates  a good first impression of your brand.
  4. Avoid using spam words: Because email spam filters have gotten more aggressive over the past several years, this is becoming a bigger issue for email marketers.
  5. Make use of email marketing services: More emails are now unintentionally getting snagged by the internet.  You can use different online email marketing services to figure out which words have a higher chances of making your email end up in the spam folder.
  6. Regularly check your analytics page: The majority of email marketing solutions provide in-depth information on your campaign's effectiveness, including stats on open rates, click through rates, URL clicks, and other metrics. Utilize this insightful information to continuously improve your email marketing based on your recipient list. To keep on top of your performance goals, you should also track analytics often.
  7. Relevance to your marketing campaign: It is most important that you keep your marketing goals, aims and idea in mind while creating a subject line. Using irrelevant subject lines that have no relation to your campaign would decrease the likes of generating customer leads.


Marketers and brands have used each of the 50 best email subject lines listed above to generate leads and create a favorable first impression.
We hope you've chosen a couple that you feel will be appealing to your readers, and that you also found our advice on how to write an effective subject line to be helpful.
If you are still doubtful, there are numerous email marketing companies and platforms to seek help from.