4 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Missed Call Marketing Service

Missed call marketing solution is an effective and distinctive technique to boost any sales and marketing activities. The consumer places a missed call on the provided number and the business sends an automatic SMS or Interactive Voice Response, or IVR call-back via Cloud Communication Platform provider to trigger the branding activities such as marketing, advertising, or awareness of the business. Check out the top 4 effective ways to leverage the missed call marketing services.

1. Customer Support

With the help of missed call marketing services, you can improve and streamline customer support activities. You can reduce multiple issues and challenges faced by the customer support team of your business, such as high hold time, tedious and multiple call redirects, and time-consuming query resolution.

Market the missed call number of the business on offline mediums such as brochures, flyers, and print ads; and online mediums such as social media channels, website help page, and online ads mentioning to make a miss call on the number. The customer will place a missed call on the number provided and will receive a call back from the sales representative or support representative as per their request.

2. Information Verification

Suppose you face challenges verifying your customers' identity for various critical actions related to the account or payment related activities. In that case, you can use the missed call marketing service to validate the customer's identity by accessing the account or altering payment modes or details.

3. Lead Generation

Missed call marketing services effectively generate quality leads for different campaigns, such as taking a pledge against a social cause, account verification campaigns, identity verification campaigns, and more. You need to market and publicize the Toll-Free Number on various offline and online modes, such as SMS, e-mails, social media channels, digital Ads, e-newspapers, or newsletters.

4. Providing Service on Request

You might be pondering on the issue of how does the Missed call marketing services enables businesses to provide service on request. The services are helpful in providing quality and on-time services in various sectors such as banking, finance, or e-commerce where the customer wants to avail a service by just dropping a missed call. With the help of the Missed call marketing services, the customers can avail any services or fetch any information related to a product or their accounts. Now to automate the process, you can reply or provide the requested services via SMS or e-mail. For instance, as a business owner, you receive bulk requests to verify account information, and you are facing a hard time managing these requests. In that case, you can avail missed call marketing service. The customer will place a miss call, and you can automate the SMS with the confirmation details via a trusted custom IVR services or cloud communication platform provider.

From planning and executing effective branding and promotional strategies to addressing and resolving customers queries, the missed call service is a unique marketing tool to leverage the business scope.

Leveraging intelligent voice solution can levitate business brand image, save expenses, and generate fulfilling sales leads. To know more about cloud telephony, visit us now!

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