The future of Messaging with RCS and verified SMS

The emergence of Rich Communication Services (RCS) has led to greater expectations from a digitally and technologically empowered community. Although the majority of the individuals are still reliant on digital platforms, OTT networks, email communication, SMS, and many other means of communications that offer a standard level of protection, RCS can be seen as a game-changer in the field of telecommunications and its related services. Google's messaging app has been specially designed to strengthen and revolutionize the way businesses presently conduct themselves. It provides an opportunity for brands and enterprises to enhance their consumer experience. Google also enables the businesses to be validated with the help of new features incorporated inside Android Messages to enhance the consumer experience, making the business SMS more secure and reliant— especially sectors such as BFSI and Retail.

Why Verified SMS?

Well Trusted Businesses such as banking, finance, and insurance need to continually convince their consumer-base that they can be trusted. Since more and more messages are being sent out every day in this digital era, financial corporations need to stand out with their service and give consumers a solid conviction that they are who they claim to be. Google SMS verification solutions establish your credibility as an RCS verified sender, thus helping you win customer trust.

Fully Secure The present-day consumer is well-read about the cyber frauds and increasingly suspicious of spam messages and phishing endeavors targeted at infiltrating into their daily digital communications. A Verified SMS is transmitted through encryption, helping the end-user to validate the true identity of the business sending texts to them. Simply by incorporating into your vertical, you get to fully secure the messages being relayed through your side.

Branding Google verified SMS is built to distinguish companies with the brand name, logo, and authentication badge displayed at the top of the text window inside the message box. Just by a look at it, your customers can almost immediately and easily recognize that the business' message they received is from the credible source and checked by Google.

How can Verified SMS features benefit your business?

  • Share sensitive data and website links securely by integrating  Google messaging app in the coming days.
  • Win confidence of your consumers over text messaging/SMS
  • Distinguish your brand and evade having your messages come up under Spam Protection
  • Display your business name, logo, and a verification badge right at the top of the message thread
  • Implementation of an enhanced and AI-empowered business model, resulting in rich content sharing and communications
  • Rich experience enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction
  • Quick delivery and acknowledgment for the delivered messages

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