The future of Email-Strategy, Creativity & Technology

Email is perhaps one of the first communication channels that have seen growth and sustenance since the inception of the digital era. While the first email was sent in 1971, today millions of emails are sent from one computer to another for a host of reasons starting from promoting a new service, to the company newsletter, to applying for a job application, or just sending a loved one a message. Email marketing for a long time has been one of the most preferred marketing tools catering to a large audience and clientele. However with the introduction and launch of many new social media and communication platforms — did take a hit, but it was never out. And as stats show it is going to be even better. The email has been with us for a long time and no matter how many messaging apps are created that might be faster, better, or easier - Email is here to stay and the future of emails looks bright.

A universal tool for all - now powered with AI

Emails are a great communication as well as engagement tools. They provide an Omnichannel experience like no other service. As customers are constantly engaging over emails, marketers need to understand the future of email in terms of strategy, creativity, and technology.Email campaigns are one of the first tools used by marketers to communicate with their customers. True engagement is hard to achieve, but with the rise of AI-powered email strategy, campaigns can be directed for larger and better engagement through timely bursts, when actually people are interested to listen.

AI is set to take email marketing to a whole new level

AI-powered engagement is interesting and this is where creativity kicks in. The dreaded ‘subject-line in emails are now being interestingly written by AI. That means a lot of jargon is being avoided and genuinely interesting subject lines are making people open their emails. AI means that Omnichannel engagement is not just limited to the subject line. AI can help marketers understand the right communication message and that will include relevant product recommendations and can go into an email message.

The changing landscape of emails

Earlier email notifications, sending emails, receiving them was a headache for most people. But as businesses updated themselves, so did email technology. The future of email looks bright with features like filtering your inbox to remove the clutter and prioritize your tasks.Inboxes are also getting smarter. Spam filters have improved by using sophisticated approaches to analyze incoming mail, and its overall phishing protection improved, all of this is made possible by machine learning and AI infrastructures.In fact, email has also seen a huge shift to mobile applications, and people are more likely to respond and use email services on their phones. Apart from this new technology like task-focused message management is being welcomed by people and scheduling emails is another great addition and lets you pre or post -schedule emails removing the need for you to be present at all times to send an important email. To summarize, the future of email is deeply rooted in AI-powered innovation, interaction, and increased personalization. Get intelligent Email Marketing solution for your business.

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