Importance of a Good Subject Line

Email subject lines are the cornerstone of your promotional email campaigns. Research done recently on the subject matter revealed some startling facts and the most alarming aspect of all is the fact that 69% of email recipients claimed to have reported emails as spam merely by looking at the subject line. Another 47% say that they decide to read email depending on the subject line solely. In other words, the war is half won if you just get the email subject. Get the subject lines, right!

Why Short is better?

As per a Salesforce survey validated through Advanced Analytics, emails with somewhat shorter and crisp subject lines appear to have better open rates than the ones that are long. Mailer Engagements with 6-10 words in their subject lines have an open rate of 21 percent followed by 0-5 words at 16 percent and 11-15 words with 14 percent, respectively.

The longer ones with 20-25 words are accessed only 9 per cent of the times. The more surprising thing is that emails with no subject lines encounter 8 per cent more open rates. In brief, the shorter the subject line, the better it is.

Strong v/s Weak Subject Lines

Another challenge with respect to the subject lines is to recognize which ones are weak and which are strong. Customized subject lines are better at receiving the attention of the receiver. Email engagements with the name of the recipient in their subject have an open rate of 18.3 percent. Generally, tailored subject lines result in 22.2 percent more open rates than generic ones. Designing your business mail templates in accordance can streamline your email Campaign Management and help you draw desirable outcomes.

The Email Center research indicates that the use of the word 'free' in the subject line of the email is a good practice as it could easily translate into 10% more open rates. Also, subject matters with a sense of urgency have 22 percent more open rates, whereas the presence of the term "FW" in the subject lines straightaway leads to a 17 percent drop in the opening. Recipients want mailer engagements to be composed with them (the recipients) in hindsight instead of being flooded with forwarded content.

Retarget customers draw more traction

It is also essential to mention that referring to your previous relationship with the recipient will increase the likelihood of your email being opened. 66 percent of email recipients choose to access and read emails from people they already know.

Leveraging the power of brand

Subject lines with the mention of the brands in them are forwarded more rather than those with the deals. This is a wake-up call for marketers to get smart in designing enticing writing subject lines—  There is an amalgamation of both art and science to this practice.

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