The EdTech is evolving fast. Are you?

It is interesting that amid all this gloom and doom over COVID 19 the education technology companies are registering rapid growth. Many are using disruption as an opportunity to upgrade their skills and be more competitive in the job market. To achieve a much-needed transformation in education it requires a whole new line of thinking. We are in the midst of creating an entirely new mechanism for knowledge transfer and skillset enhancements.

Let’s build our vision for Education technology

Education these days is far more different from earlier times: Simply, it’s the practice of enabling instructions and learning through technology. The highly growing and most promising sector enable:

Global penetration of internet, digitalization, and smart technology

Moreover, there are multiple entities involved in the EdTech Community:

Sending personalized and relevant communication through email. Will it be able to fill the gap between all of them?

Why personalized and timely email engagement is an answer to Edtech problems? ValueFirst offers an all in one inclusive platform which drives cohesive email engagement, deeper data-driven segmentation and hyper-personalization. It results in maintaining existing customers and improved engagement.

At an initial stage, the EdTech industry is supposed to face some Challenges:

Are these factors impacting the Edtech sector? Yes. Of Course!

  1. Students these days are demanding enhanced learning experience, value-added services, technology-enabled facilities, 24*7 online support, and much
  2. The growing demand for EdTech services has resulted in several businesses flourishing in this sector. Consequently, this industry is witnessing intense competition and low customer

So, The question arises...

How to become an enabler for seamless promotion for various platforms to drive discovery?

Don’t sweat out.

Our aim. The initial stage is all about gaining visibility. Our customized email engagement solutions enable businesses to enter into the initial stage and deal with the above challenges more effectively.

Simplifying administrative task Building Exhaustive mailing list from the ground up, this will help to reach a wider audience faster and with little effort

The Right tools Segmentation based on the source of mail id generation. (E.g.: demographic divisions, behaviour-based)

Structured process and documentation of each task Sending personalized email based on the segmented data, with capabilities to design reusable templates and dynamic emails

Understand customer behavior A relevant subject line based on the behavior segmentation for better open rate

Improve flexibility and efficiency Webinar Links appended in the mails based on the interest of the customer i.e. the behavior data

Build Consistency Sharing of free content such as blog post, relevant case studies and newsletters in a hyper-personalized manner. Harness your Education Technology to meet the diverse learning needs of every student.

Get touched with hyper-personalized deliveries. Drive engagements between Teachers and students. Reach out to us on for any assistance and information.