Our Fight Against COVID-19

The last few weeks have been incredibly hard for us as a country. The entire ValueFirst family joined forces to strengthen and fuel India's fight against COVID-19. For us at ValueFirst, the community is everything. We remain committed to ensuring its well-being.

Chatbots for Conversations- Over the years, we have seen how helpful chatbots can be. We teamed up with some incredible organizations to help them automate their on-ground operations:

  1. COVID army has been doing a fantastic job putting together a crowdsourced verified list of resources to fight COVID-19. We helped them put this on a WhatsApp-based chatbot. The chatbot can be accessed for 1400+ cities of India.
  2. Sewa Bharti has been working to uplift the health, well-being, and education of the country for many years. We worked with their team closely to create a WhatsApp-based chatbot to ease the process of plasma donation.
  3. We joined hands with India's two leading political parties. With our chatbots, the parties have been able to automate plasma donation and other COVID-19 based use-cases.

Unlike a hurricane/flood-like calamity where you can donate clothes or food, there is no rule book for COVID-19. Cash-based donations play a huge role in helping on-ground agencies.

  1. We donated a sum of INR 2 Million to the America India Foundation and the District Magistrate of Haridwar, India under the leadership of Dr. Saurabh Gaharwar (Chief Development Officer and IAS). We are also grateful to Swamyambhu Innovative Solution for all their help in executing the rollout of the oxygen pipeline for a local hospital with this donation.
  2. We donated a sum of INR 0.5 Million to COVID-19 affected families. The money has been used for providing food to over 600 families for six weeks.
  3. We donated a sum of INR 0.5 Million to the Diksha Foundation for augmenting medical health facilities in the city of Patna, India.
  4. We donated a sum of INR 0.16 Million in the state of Bihar to procure projectors and smartphones. These are being used for ensuring continued education for kids in these testing times. We are grateful to Alphabets for all their on-ground contributions.

The second wave of COVID-19 highlighted the importance of Oxygen across the country to fight disease complications.

  1. We donated 40 Oxygen Concentrators to Rashtriya Sewa Bharti (10 to SDMC Hospital, 15 to the district of Aurangabad in Bihar, and 15 to Praan Vaayu mobile vans)
  2. We donated a sum of INR 1 Million to a non-profit, helping individuals procure oxygen in various forms
  3. We are also in the process of setting up two oxygen plants to further power our fight against COVID-19

We have also set up hospital management for our employees in need.

We truly hope that these testing times are over soon. Please take good care of yourself and your dear ones. Be patient and kind. Help those who need it. There couldn't have been a better time to strengthen our bonds, to stand together (digitally), to help each other through this pandemic, and come out the other side happier.

If there is any way we can help you fight this pandemic, please feel free to reach out to us at ceo@vfirst.com.