Send rich media in SMS

Did you know that marketing collateral with rich media outperforms by 267% than legacy marketing strategy and modes? Due to the advent of rich media messaging or RMM, many enterprises are looking forward to upgrading themselves with this latest approach for different operations in their departments. Rich media is included in various forms such as images, links, voice notes to attract customers.

Where Can Rich Media be Implemented in SMS?

The rich media can be implemented in SMS service via various means to achieve the different goals of the enterprise, such as collecting metrics for customer satisfaction, product progress, customer retention rate, profit analysis, and more. Some of the standard methods to implement rich media in SMS are:

  • Images or GIFs
  • Discount coupon codes as a downloadable link
  • Short marketing, branding, sales-related videos via video links
  • Newsletters

Benefits of Sending Rich Media in SMS

SMS is one of the fastest modes to contact customers or to reach a broader domain of audience. Including rich media in an enterprise SMS increases the chances of conversion and better communication. Check out some benefits of sending rich media in SMS.

  • Attractive and better chances to get higher click-through rates – Rich media used in the form of images, GIFs tend to attract customers more, as they get attracted to the visuals more than plain text and words.
  • Higher engagement rate – The engagement rate is higher in bulk SMS services where rich media is used; customers can easily share the SMS with rich media.
  • Attractive and better chances to get higher click-through rates – Rich media are attractive and appealing due to visually appealing images and engaging visuals. When an SMS has rich media, the chances to get higher click-through rates or CTR are more.
  • Spruce up the SMS campaigns – Rich media included in the enterprise SMS spruce up the SMS campaigns as the chances of getting a better outperform rate is highly likely.

Use Cases of Rich Media in Different Industries

  • Politics – To create an engaging political campaign by sending rich media with catchy banner images to drive the audience in the campaign.
  • Education – To aware students regarding upcoming seminars, awareness sessions, and workshops that are will be conducted within a specific date.
  • Ecommerce – To promote sales and promotional activities via sending coupon codes downloadable versions, links to the deals or promotional newsletter, and more.

The rich media in SMS increases conversion rates of the CTAs defined in the social media marketing campaigns of the venture. They are implemented via sending Bulk SMS service through SMS Gateway API provided by trusted and veteran SMS API providers. They are highly optimized for sending CTAs content to the customers to achieve various goals.

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