MarTech taking care of patient communication

2019 has been covered with a shade, and what an amazing year it was.

Where’s the catch?

Still we need to know which engagement platform is growing considerably amid an increasing demand from business.

Will marketing Automation act as a catalyst to add value to the evolved, super-connected and always-online consumer?

Why not!

Is it the right engagement multi-channel platform?

Let’s see how marketing automation is leveraged across healthcare industry:

In order to meet demand and increase ROI, every facet from e-commerce to healthcare is moving towards Automation.

However, it seems the possibilities are endless for automation.

Capturing how healthcare industry can automate the growth of their business.

Are you ready to dig in to marketing automation?

Build a real connect with patients with personalized, relevant communication

Increase appointment to visit ratios

Convert more requests to appointments, and appointments to visits, with applicable communication consistently.

For instance: Sending reminders of appointment, hospital location with links to maps, reviews of the doctor, etc. to reduce drop-offs before the patient visit. To increase new patient acquisition and retention rates, leverage the multi-channel approach.

Listen to your patients to communicate well

Doctors should communicate with their patient smoothly. Build trigger-based healthcare communication workflows easily. You can trigger relevant messages via email, text and on your patient portals based on the web pages your patients browse, queries and more.

Automatically send post-diagnosis notes and suggestions

There is always something on the patient's mind – prescriptions are anything but difficult to lose and guidelines simple to overlook in such cases. After the finding, or after their first appointment, consequently send all the data essential to the patient via email, instant message or through the patient entry. This can incorporate the solutions, date for their next arrangement and more.

Educate patients of the next steps

Helping patients with the perfect data at the perfect time can upgrade the patient experience, and improve patient retention. For example, after the primary arrangement, the subtleties of the following arrangement date can be sent to the client, alongside tips to deal with their conditions. This can be triggered automatically with pre-built automation workflows.

Retain patients by automating recurring-event reminders

Create healthcare workflow automations to engage patients for repeated events.  For example, you as of now have the date of the main yearly wellbeing test of a patient. Help them to remember their wellbeing test one year from now naturally by utilizing date-based triggers.

Run re-engagement campaigns for no-shows

Patients may disregard minor conditions if the indications retreat continuously of the appointments. Once in a while, the patients may fill a large portion of the appointment structure and leave. To limit these drop-offs, you can run patient re-engagement campaigns through email, SMS and even Google and Facebook remarketing campaigns via healthcare marketing automation.

Do you need a marketing and communication solution that is adaptable, adjustable and intelligent?

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