Introducing interactive BannerBot Ads by Surbo

BannerBots help build engagement between you and your consumer through the means of banners. You get to improve the output of your static advertisement banners by introducing relevant conversations – right inside your ad.

Instant benefits that you get to leverage through a bot banner:

  • Start and build conversations anywhere on the Internet
  • Easy to set up, optimize and distribute
  • Wow-factor assured

BannerBots From Surbo

Surbo is an AI-driven ecosystem to help scale enterprise efforts to engage in conversational trade, conversational contact centre and conversational marketing.

Being part of ValueFirst, Surbo is driven by equipped bots, machine learning and smart analytics.

Leading brands around the globe are partnering with us to simplify their day-to-day consumer engagements.

How BannerBots help?

With Surbo driven digital banner advertising, as soon as the user clicks the banner, the image will be substituted by the Surbo chat screen. The zero page redirect to other pages incorporating UX, customization & relevance.

With Surbo Bot Banners, you get:

  • Fitting advertisement banners
  • Intelligence integration through AI Chatbots
  • Improved lead generation & conversions

How is it a win-win situation with Conversational Advertising?

Proactive approach

Leverage chatbot marketing to make the first move towards engaging a potential audience.

Brand effectiveness

Increase the effectiveness of your static digital banners manifolds by incorporating conversation mechanism through Bots.

Increase engagement

Reach out to an increased number of potential customers and improve engagement counter.

Enhanced level of conversations

Provide exceptional communication experience to potential customers

Increase conversions

Improved conversations and engagements results in more lead generation & eventually translates into more sales.

Approachable channels

Provision to Communicate through a variety of approachable channels such as social media handles

Banner Bot Avatars with Surbo

Easy to configure Chatbot advertisement Banner bots from Surbo enable you to get on board with a minimal tweaking. Following Avatars are available for seamless integration.

Image Bot

Position bots within your static digital banners & they will pop out as soon as the user clicks.


Place bots within GIF infographics for an enhanced UX experience.

Video Bot

You can position bots within your videos for gathering feedback, running surveys & lead generation as well.

Why use Banner Bot?

Enhanced User Experience

Once a user clicks over an advertisement, instead of launching a boring and predictable pop-out, Surbo BannerBots open an interactive and intuitive chat UI that generates point-to-point conversations.

Impactful Engagement

With the ever-ready AI chatbot & responsive User Interface, the possibility of building efficient conversations increases manifolds.

Increased lead generation and conversions

Connect with customers anywhere on the Internet, build interactive AI chatbot conversations, and turn online activity into potent leads, and eventually conversions.