In-WhatsApp Shopping Experience - WhatsApp API

Did you know 1.6 billion people access WhatsApp on monthly basis? Due to its high usage rate and engagement rate, WhatsApp launched its Business app in 2018. Within a year, the unique B2B initiative witnessed 5 million business users. Today, thousands of business owners are successfully running their business via WhatsApp. From small-scale business to large-scale MNCs, many ventures seek the assistance of official WhatsApp partners to integrate their business to WhatsApp API.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

1. Prompt Response and Customer Support – WhatsApp Business API provides an excellent feature to support quick responses and smooth customer support with WhatsApp chatbot for business feature. With the help of this feature, any venture can seamlessly integrate its customer service agents with WhatsApp API's chatbots. Customer support plays a significant role in high customer retention and engagement; a recent study states that 86% of buyers pay more if they receive good customer support while shopping.

For Instance – A customer is in a hurry and wants to purchase a product quickly, but he is facing some troubles while ordering the products. So, to save time, when he reaches out to customer support of the online shopping portal and receives a prompt response with a customised purchase link, he will revisit the online shopping website to place more orders. The immediate response and better customer support venture will experience high sales and demands and offered services.

2. Seamless Product Delivery & Returns – WhatsApp API offers a seamless product delivery and returns experience. Through WhatsApp business API, customers can track the product's status from getting packed to shipped in real-time. It has a 2-way messaging channel that offers flexibility to the customers to raise queries and issues at any point in time and get quick resolutions within a couple of minutes. It chops down the unnecessary and tedious return and exchange process by just raising a question over a message.

3. No Long Waiting Queues or Tedious Follow-up Process – WhatsApp API offers customized buttons and CTAs to provide customers with a customized and easy tracking link to raise query and track the status of the raised issues. It slashes down the long waiting queues to connect with customer support or do follow-ups to track the quality of the query or product.

4. Real-time Notifications and Updates Regarding Purchase – WhatsApp Business API offers real-time notifications and updates regarding the purchase, in-stock products, and latest offers. Customers can receive opt-in notifications and alerts for their flagged issues, status updates, and other customized alerts. It also promotes the engagement level of the business and pushes sales of the companies integrated with the WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp API offers an upscale online shopping experience to a different level. To know more about leveraging WhatsApp Business API support and using it to your best advantage, Get in touch with specialists now.

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