Call Masking: Benefits and Examples

Call Masking: Benefits and Examples

Phone number masking (Call Masking) is one of the VoIP features that facilitates the masking of real phone numbers of clients and business providers with a designated number. The phenomenon of phone number masking is facilitated by Voice APIs, which are enabled with the help of codes developed by software developers. The masking feature is also available for some SMS text messaging services. To understand the phenomenon better, take a  look at this example of service businesses, such as a cab service or food delivery service. A Google study reports that 79percent of people, or clients, are reluctant to share their phone numbers with delivery executives. Hence, call masking is one of the solutions to this problem.

In order to keep data such as phone numbers safe and also provide a quality experience, call masking is used. Call masking is facilitated through call masking software. For example, if a sender is calling the number xyzzy, the call is then routed through the masking software and sent to the receiver of xyzzy. The receiver, too, does not see the original number of the sender. Instead, they see another number, abc. The number is a company-owned number and is generated for a short duration of time. The numbers developed may also be the real numbers used in short codes. (For example, 8095678677 may be written as 809+) The identities of both parties are eventually masked. Similarly, if someone wants to reconnect again to the receiver via call, they can connect to the masked number and their calls will be rerouted to the receiver through the phone number masking software. Similarly, if using masking for sms, the phone number will be masked through SMS text messaging service.

Is Call Masking the Same as a Virtual Number?

Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that are not associated with a specific phone location. The digitalization of office spaces creates an increasing need for virtual numbers, where there is no need to be in a fixed physical location to answer your phone. Virtual phone numbers are internet-based and are often confused with phone number masking due to similarities. There is a fundamental difference, however, which is that virtual phone numbers are associated with existing telephone numbers. While there is a completely different designated phone number masking the already set up number in phone number masking. Both call masking and virtual numbers serve the common goal of providing quality customer assistance and increasing brand accountability.

Virtual numbers are used by organizations such as Oyo Rooms, Zomato, Just Dial, and Make My Trip. Phone Number Masking is used by various companies, such as Ola and Uber for calls and SMS communication through Global SMS Gateway API Service.

The Benefits of Call Masking

  • Secure Communication: Call masking enables secure communication between the business and the customers. Sensitive information and personal data are protected. The customers do not have to worry about data leaks or any contact initiated by executives outside of business purposes. However, call masking is equally important for the security of the phone numbers of     both parties.
  • Brand Reliability: Customers are often hesitant to give their phone numbers to ride-sharing apps and delivery services. However, call masking wins the trust of the customers, thereby increasing customer engagement. Also, brands using call masking software generate reliability for their brands within the industry.

  • Better Communication: Call masking enables better communication and analysis of the communication between business organizations and their clients. Call masking enables the maintenance of a common business number.
  • Optimize Interactions: Phone number masking also creates an atmosphere of professionalism. With call masking enabled, no interactions outside the ones related to services are possible. As a result, phone number masking is an excellent tool for optimizing employee-client interactions.

  • Global Reach: Many businesses operate in a remote environment nowadays, with their teams spread globally. While making a client call, they can use a local business phone number instead of calling from different area codes in order to establish brand reliability and avoid confusion. Global SMS Gateway API Service also helps in increasing global reach via number masking.

Examples of Call Masking, or Phone Number Masking

Call masking (or phone number masking) is an important method for ensuring secure communication without the risk of data leakage. Call masking is highly business-oriented. However, phone number masking is also used by individuals. Many individuals want to hide their phone numbers. There are many businesses that work efficiently with call masking enabled, with one point of contact. Some examples of the use of call masking in real life are as follows:

  • Hospitals: In the wellness industry, there can be an emergency at any time of the day. The phone calls can be numerous. The patients are given a designated number by the call masking software to avoid chaos, and the doctors’ personal phone numbers are not jeopardized in this way.
  • Food Industry: In the food industry, or as a matter of fact, any delivery service industry, call masking serves a crucial role. In these industries where the vendor and client connect, it is best to use call masking software. This is done to ensure comfortable and professional communication.
  • Ride Sharing Apps or Businesses: With the advent of ride sharing companies such as Ola and Uber, call masking is becoming important for secure communications. The driver assigned to the ride needs to contact the customer availing the service. With the use of call masking software, smooth communication is ensured with neither of the parties sharing their original numbers.

  • Customer Care: The customer care departments of e-commerce businesses are also benefited by the use of call masking apps or software. The clientele is ensured quality communication with customer care executives through rerouting of calls and a common business phone number, which is facilitated by phone number masking software.

Even though we have already gone over the benefits of phone number masking, some individuals do use this security feature. A lot of people are involved in illegal acts such as the sale of drugs, fraudulent acts, and misuse the call masking software.

Despite all these risks, call masking is increasingly becoming the need of the hour. The digitalization of data, remote workspaces, and the growing emphasis on digital security are some of the factors that contribute to the growing importance of call masking. SMS text messaging services further help in masking numbers for SMS communication.