Basics of Two-Factor Authentication

Did you know that 81% of security breach happens due to weak passwords? To avoid the security breach in the companies' data, 26% of companies use the two-factor authentication method such as OTP SMS or biometric authentication. The two-factor authentication or 2FA adds an extra security layer to the accounts needing security. Know more about the authentication factors, how 2FA works, its benefits, and its importance.

Authentication Factors

There are many ways to apply two-factor authentication to an account needed to approve the authentication request. Some of these are:

  • Knowledge Factor : It refers to the factors known to the user, such as a shared secret, password, PIN, and more.
  • Possession Factor : It refers to the factors owned by the user, such as his smartphone, security app, ID card, security token number to approve the authentication requests.  
  • Inherence Factor : It refers to the factors inherent by the user, such as his speech pattern, biometric patterns – facial, thumb impression, and more.

How 2FA Works?

As per the latest study of Google, the OTP SMS or SMS service-based authentication method can block up to 100% of the automated bots and 99% of phishing attacks and can reduce the targeted attacks up to 60%. The SMS-based authentication method works via an Enterprise SMS solution through SMS Gateway API of trusted SMS API providers. Once the user enters his login credentials, he receives an OTP SMS to verify his login request.

For instance - If the user wants to log into a work account from a shared laptop, he can adopt the possession factor as a two-factor authentication method. In that case, he has to enter his work password and approve a push notification, or OTP SMS sent on his smartphone via genuine OTP SMS Service Provider or authentication apps.

What are the Benefits and Importance of 2FA?

The two-factor authentication – SMS has several security-related benefits, some of these are:

  • It adds a layer of security to a user account that makes it impregnable and unbreachable. In which the user will need an additional layer of validation after providing the credentials to get into his account.
  • It ensures data security and validates only legit and secure access to the user account. The intruder will need the user's smartphone to access his account to confirm the security key or OTP received as a two-factor authentication method.
  • It protects the network susceptibilities and data breaches due to a torrent of hacking strikes via viruses embedded in the rich media on associations and governments.
  • It validates consumer identity through OTP SMS so that the intruders will face hard times intruding or breaking into the user account.

Strengthen personal to work accounts security and get your consumers validated with 2-factor authentication via OTPs with 100% delivery. Interested to know more about the power of Enterprise SMS and leverage it to your advantage?  

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