Working at World's Most Joyful Place

ValueFirst is a community of free-spirited souls offering technology-driven contemporary communication services to the world. We strive to establish a sense of belonging for everyone that not only results in greater engagement and creativity in the workplace but in fact, an ongoing need. Diversity & Inclusion at ValueFirst Diversity doesn’t stick without inclusion, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. “Our values create a positive and happy workplace that promotes dignity and respect for all. We look out for individuals from different cultures and backgrounds and adopt the celebration of our differences. We respect and appreciate individual differences so that each person can maximize their own potential. ValueFirst gives a safe environment where we are able to be our best and be our true selves. We are so diverse today that diversity has become our essence. Today we are all different, working in different teams, having dissimilar thoughts and different backgrounds. While such a diverse environment helps us to learn, share, grow, and enthuse with each other, the common values at the core show us the path towards giving our best. Each employee imbibes our core values and performs accordingly.

Fun at Work Work is fun for us and we are never stressed. We work, we play and we party! We are a bunch of crazy free-spirited souls on a mission to enable ‘Intelligent conversations across channels’; always looking for new ways to do things best. We keep it all balanced, while always looking for new ways to do things best, we never forget to have fun. We love to play TT, take smoke breaks, go to the meditation room, or just simply chit chat over a cup of chai; all this, together with work. We wait for our quarterly fest when the basement gets all lighted up, the tranquil sound from water flowing in the fountain, and unleash mood on each floor; yes, the ambiance is all set for ‘Beer Biryani’. We celebrate achievements, acknowledge great efforts, dance, talk, eat, and drink. We care We are associated with projects to make lives for the better. We help kids go to school and make a better tomorrow. The core of these achievements is diversity! Women at ValueFirst has gained 17 years of love & trust of all industry experts. The secret to our success? Women. At ValueFirst, we consider women as an asset contributing to our diverse workforce. Almost one-fourth of the work strength of ValueFirst is run by women. We have women in decision making who bring in the added value of women’s perspective in problem-solving, strategizing, and management. Women consider balancing work and family life as the single most obstacles to their career aspirations. We understand this and thus have a progressive culture for women with actions including equal benefits for men and women, fair recruitment standards, comfort and security measures as well as extended support from top leaders.

Gender equality is a priority for us. We challenge women to give their best in their professional area; we assign women manager’s visible and challenging tasks but ensure they find all possible support to be able to do that with the below benefits:

  • Zero tolerance to discrimination and harassment
  • Plenty of exciting opportunities to excel in their chosen career path
  • Extended support through policies: Maternity leave, adoption leave, unpaid leaves, flexible working arrangement, and work from home

Maximize Joy and communication, minimize StressFor the free-spirited souls at ValueFirst, Community is Everything. We are easy to understand and inclusive. We hate the idea of elitism. Our culture helps people work hard and make them feel valued. We have zero pretenses and we strive for authenticity in every action. Our tastes and pleasures are simple. We are real, honest, and like to relate with others.