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The Joy Manifesto

Written version of the unwritten ValueFirst rules
You are unique. But so is the other, have pride with humility.
Working extremly hard is good. Strech outside of your comfort zone. Who knows who will discover magic.
Be curious like a child. Never stop learning.
Make your job your love. and your colleagues your lovers, and if you cannot, leave.
Question everything. Challenge status quo. Add value.
Your potential is infinite. The blocks exist in the mind. Screw the mind. Mind, don't mind.
Hierarchies and functions exist for practical reasons. If they slow outcomes, override.
Take ownership of your life. Do not drift.
Seeking happiness through food, sex, things and people is good, but it is ephemeral. Seek the eternal in you.

“People genuinely take interest in knowing you as a person and remember the small details”