WhatsApp Chatbot in Healthcare

WhatsApp has been making real progress in making the world better. It has grown to be more than just a messaging platform. Now it is making entries into the healthcare business with WhatsApp Chatbot API pushing it to be cost-effective, reach the last mile, and make it reliable. WhatsApp Chatbot is an extremely useful service for healthcare organizations large or small. The best way to grow your business today is by using digitally superior medical assistance that is quick, automated, and comes at a nominal cost. WhatsApp Chatbot API allows healthcare businesses and organizations to build new customer service experiences that address major challenges like —

  1. Medical information and record delays
  2. Lack of personalization
  3. Accessibility to the last patient
  4. Unreliable and inaccurate information, and
  5. A disconnect between machine and AI

With the widespread adoption of chatbots, the healthcare sector has undergone a massive surge in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By 2022, chatbot-related tax savings in the healthcare sector are expected to reach $3.6 billion annually, having risen from just $2.8 million in 2017. WhatsApp Business API helps healthcare companies access resources and communicate with the vast community of users in a cost-efficient manner that automatically mimics everyday interactions and offers more personalization to patients as well as clients. The most common problems faced by patients and clients while dealing with healthcare organizations are things we take for granted — repeated delays, zero to no personalized attention, incapable patience service, and a gap between online and offline experience. All of this can be treated with the help of effective healthcare chatbots through services like —

1. Getting information on prescription pills, billing, and test reports

As healthcare business continues to expand amidst the pandemic, the use of WhatsApp Chatbot for sourcing reliable information on prescription pills has already been fast-tracked. Many healthcare organizations are using the messaging platform with over 400 million users to send, notify, and verify data on prescription pills regarding all kinds of diseases and queries from patients. This has also led to the rapid adoption of users who now rely on these chatbots to send their test and billing reports instantaneously almost without having to visit the hospital again if not for an appointment.

2. Receiving doctor appointment notifications and scheduling alerts

Chatbots have also disrupted the scheduling domain. Healthcare organizations deal with patients and clients at scale, they are best positioned to deliver and assist regarding details of doctor appointments or sending scheduling alerts. Chatbots have been found to be extremely reliant when it comes to scheduling and providing the latest updates regarding hospital timings and doctor availability without the need for any human customer service representative intervention and these chatbots can also assist during emergency cases.

3. Personalized specialist consultation

Multiple organizations have various types of needs and patient-related features that WhatsApp Chatbots allow for. These include an enhanced and personalized specialist consultation at any hour of the day. These specialist consultations come in the form of different languages, texts, voice messages, multiple modes of communication, and NLP capabilities especially for patients with different abilities. There is a most personalized future awaited with AI integration in WhatsApp Chatbot which is being rolled out in some leading healthcare organizations, making it a remarkable feature for 21-st century healthcare service.

4. Testing facilities nearby for COVID 19

WhatsApp has been working on empowering users affected by the COVID - 19 pandemic to find out more information related to testing and testing facilities for coronavirus. Furthermore, helpline numbers, emergency contact info by WHO are all readily available on WhatsApp as of now. The new features are being tested and will be rolled out in a few months’ time.

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