SMS and Chatbot to Truly Go Next Level

Did you know that 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes after they are received? SMS is an effective mode of communication in any sector and services, from planning and launching marketing strategies to resolving and serving the customers' queries and requests on high priority with utmost satisfaction via Enterprise SMS, Rich media, Bulk SMS Service, or SMS Marketing. But, if the SMS campaigns, whether promotional or customer support, are handled manually, it consumes a lot of time and resources and hampers the desired outcome and reach. In that case, chatbots are emerging as a savior in these scenarios, where SMS and chatbots are blended to produce effective outcomes for various targeted issues or objectives. The anticipation is SMS and Chatbots may go to the next level to automate the customer service department, resolve queries within limited SLAs, improve performance, customer satisfaction, and other related issues.

Different Types of SMS Chatbots

SMS Chatbots are prevalent in many industries, from sending notifications regarding updates to pushing mass messaging campaigns with CTAs. Check out some different types of SMS Chatbots use cases that are prevalent in different sectors.

Use Case 1: Conversational SMS Chatbots

Scenario: Customer wants to update the details of an already shipped product via SMS chatbot feature. In that case, the following use case of conversational SMS chatbots will be effective:

Customer: Hi, I want to update my address, but the order has been shipped.

SMS Chatbot: Please enter your contact number associated with your account.

Customer: +91-9055711120

SMS Chatbot: Enter "1" to confirm or enter "2" to re-enter the contact number.

Customer: 1

SMS Chatbot: Please provide your address to update the address for your order.

Customer: 67 Lane 1, Park Avenue, Street 9.

SMS Chatbot: Enter "1" to confirm the address or enter "2" to re-update your address.

Customer: 1

SMS Chatbot: Your address update request has been completed

Use Case 2: Bulk SMS with CTAs

Scenario: If you want to send bulk messages to confirm an action from multiple customers. In that case, the following use case of bulk SMS with CTAs will be effective:

SMS Chatbot: Hola! Redz Enterprises has just launched a new offer specially for our valuable customers! Collect your surprise coupon by clicking the link: Send "STOP" to stop receiving the promotional message.

Use Case 3: Notification SMS Chatbots

Scenario: Customer wants to get updates regarding the service, which requires an engineer visit to the customer site. In that case, the following use case of notification SMS chatbots will be effective:

SMS Chatbot: Hi Sir/Ma'am, I received a request to schedule an engineer site visit to the provided address. Please send "Yes" to confirm the schedule or send "No" to re-schedule the visit.

Customer: Yes

SMS Chatbot: Alright, your request has been confirmed successfully.

SMS and chatbots will be the next big thing in automating the customer care or service department and enhancing customer experience in resolving queries and getting the latest updates regarding services, products, or queries.

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