Infrastructure & ValueFirst

“Talking about efforts, I am in awe of team Octane (email solutions). In the last four months, they've truly put forward a great show to upgrade the infrastructure to ensure deliverability and happy partners. The door is always open. Time and again email marketing has proved itself as an ultimate and reliable driver of revenues for brands. Let’s measure the success.  Here at ValueFirst, Octane is an enterprise Customer Engagement Suite empowering brands to drive effective Engagements & ROI through emails. We partner with brands & marketers to help them achieve more from their engagement/ retention strategy through customized scalable solutions, In-house team of Deliverability Experts, and a well-integrated success & strategic services. Get to know. How we prepared ourselves to counter challenges during COVID 19? During covid19, working criteria have taken a new rope. We as a team were monitoring things and tried our best to keep everything stable. Also, we started virtual web-based team meetings for a daily scrum and created complete sync within the team. Not only the quality of work is in focus but also managing all the operations and simultaneously making sure that our SLA's and TAT for any single request will not breach. Our team has many enthusiastic people who upgrade themselves with required knowledge timely and hence we did a few online tech classes and discuss the scenarios within the team to enhance our system with the new technology.

We care. How we scaled our infra and readiness to ensure the growth for our partners? Currently, we are operating on 40-50% of existing capacity while catering 30% capacity buffer to handle any point in time customer traffic. During onboarding, we partner with customers and hence share the best-suited strategy and planning to match their requirements. Talking about the past, we have handled till 1 billion email traffic in a month from our infra and have handled more than 60cr per month volume for single customers. Our infra is scalable, we can scale anytime by investing in it on any specific requirement.

Let’s get down to some business impact that we have created… An email has always been the best channel for communication. We have helped in increasing business productivity and increasing data reliability. Furthermore, we have cut down the infra cost by 25-30% without reducing our infra capacity, team training has been provided on various infra technical things to manage all the projects from remote. Our team is very well aligned and having ample experience in the ESP domain. What’s next?Our vision for the next 3 months Big picture aside, for the next 3 months we have decided to zero downtime in infra and will match all the committed SLAs. We try and focus on the best solutions to improve customer engagement. Let’s prepare for tomorrow’s customer.