Live Session - Moving the Sales Needle in Times of COVID-19

We continue to navigate through the current pandemic and its increasing impact on business and the wider society. To gather insights around how to move the sales needle in the time of crisis, we took an initiative to host a live session with some well-known head leaders.Vijayant Dhaka (Senior VP) ValueFirst moderated the speaker panel with the three sales leaders from very different regions: Apurva Chamaria (Chief Revenue Officer) Rate Gain, Bharath V Rao (Sportainment Entrepreneur) Live the sporting life, Billy Loizou (VP, Go to Market APAC) Cheetah Digital.You missed it! AHA. No worries. They just put on a fantastic live session –having great interactions with the attendees, speakers were on point and feeling great. What was the idea behind this session? Marketers are everywhere highlighted on media channels, so why not enterprise sales? Appreciating their valuable time, you will understand some of the fundamental aspects behind the success of the sales team during the crisis; this webinar will give you a segmented view of the whole process, right from some industries overview of implementing a strategy that works, down to how to successfully implement it. A survey was conducted just to know about how every sales manager feels about their sales pipeline and the prospects? So, 65% Audience would rather invest time in understanding the client's business. So with the change, sales strategies will also take a new way with the flexibility in work with the clients. How sales reps can bring change in their strategies: Right Sales Approach: “Never let the good crisis go wasted,” says Apurva Chamaria, to his sales team. As looking up, the travel and hospitality industry is not at its good phase, but these crises have opened up wide possibilities. This industry is more of driving a relationship. It’s not the time to sell! Empathize, connect, build relationships, add value, and create goodwill, sales will itself take place.Get more deals! But How? Talking about the Sports industry, sales managers need to think about both long term and short term approach. They have the opportunity to increase the pitch and go out for those industries that are looking for growth. Building relationships and understand the client's immediate requirements and categorizing your possible clients. We need to have both in place to grow eventually.

Getting the right approach in Digital Marketing, let you answer two things. Why should I buy now? What is the buying process? Finding the territories that have not been affected in this climate is a short term approach. Looking at FMCG, CPG, they are making record sales. Prefer driving a strategy to communicate with customers. Get the ability to get customers to digitally engage with your brands. For the long term approach Build relationship, communicate with marketers, educate people on the latest trends and webinars, keep them engaged with clients, and gives you long term revenue. Engaging Strategy: Today’s market, helps every industry to identify their customers and keep them engaged. Connecting your customers digitally through Webinars, audiobooks, whitepapers, etc. Educating your client with some stress-free material to build long term relationships.For the travel industry, it might be a critical situation. But the metrics are more of short term goals. The main focus is on the new conversation and client engagements every week ( Webinar, industry initiatives, research papers, white papers). By understanding the new normal, we are more easily be able to connect with the customers. To attain the attraction of Whitepapers, the playbook is playing a vital role in recovering strategies. It’s a pretty interesting phase with “a new set of challenges”. Knowing the Right Time for a sales rep: So it’s kind of a different situation for different businesses. Taking a pause would give a negative impact though, but it depends on the type of business. The travel industry has accelerated it rather than taking a pause. If we see the marketing teams, it's been phenomenal, and motivational levels are always high. Building more deep and authentic connections with the customers, it’s the right time. Think Fast! Change your strategy! Investment in self-learning and enablement: Billy followed the concept of value selling in turning our salespeople into consultant specific business problems. For maintaining the balance with their personal life, take training like online sales training, gratitude training, meditation training, etc Maintaining the retention and focus of customers is more effective. To develop a sales team all the sales managers or leaders need to become trainers themselves. Keep yourself motivated, physically fit, keep researching to be a good sales leader. A change in yourself as a sales leader: Understand the situation of the client with the outcome of their problem.Go with your opinion! Go with perspective! Payback in adding value to the conversation you having with someone. Look at a more consultative approach.

Honest confessions of a sales leader! Sales rapidly changing, but some things will always be in their minds. Hectic schedules, travel histories, client interaction, and of course their way of selling will be of new norms now.Let’s face it. Your four-seat tricycle is equipped to take each visitor on a journey to conversion.