How Automotive Industries Can Use WhatsApp for Business API?

Did you know that around 450 million users are active on WhatsApp daily? Due to WhatsApp's increased demand and usage, many enterprises and industries have taken their sales and marketing campaigns to WhatsApp for Business API. If you are into the automotive industry and struggling to find a detailed and structured approach to use WhatsApp for Business API, you are at the right place. Learn how you can effectively leverage WhatsApp for Business API for your business.

1. Set up Automobile WhatsApp for Business store – Ensure that you have created a well-structured and WhatsApp for Business automobile online store to promote the products and services offered by your business seamlessly. Include the working hours, product catalog, create template-based chat replies for instant customer support, and more. You can also add customer reviews and testimonials to develop a sense of trust among the consumers.

2. Create a product catalog – Ensure that you have created an effective and well-illustrated product and services catalog to demonstrate all the offered products and services. For instance, if you want to promote the sale of a particular lot of vehicles, then, in that case, you can put an attractive product catalog PDF with detailed specifications, special features, and additional benefits of perks offered by your business. As a result, it will attract more consumers and augment the vehicle's demand and sale.

3. Always respond within 24 hours – Consumers prefer instant replies and quick resolutions to their queries. If your automobile business has slow replies or poor customer care support, then you may end up losing the prospected customer. So, you can also try some enlisted features of WhatsApp for Business API in your automobile business:

           - Integrate the WhatsApp for Business API to your automobile website to ensure instants replies to customer's queries.

           - Use template-based message formats for instant replies.

          - Include WhatsApp chatbots for the business to promote the automobile product or enhance the service support.

For instance, if a potential vehicle buyer wants to know the availability of a certain vehicle and contacts the automobile store to purchase it or book it in advance. However, suppose the store fails to respond to their query within 24 hours or even a couple of minutes. In that case, the customer may approach another automobile company for the same. Here, WhatsApp for Business API can help retain the existing customers and convert the prospects to potential buyers.

WhatsApp has been in demand lately due to increased users' rates and flexible business tools to interact, sell, drive the online shopping experience, and showcase the products and services related to the business. Furthermore, due to the agile interface of WhatsApp for Business API, it is promoting the automotive industry to win more customers, serve well the existing customers, and expand the business efficiently across cities and states.

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