Grow an Audience and Build Customer Relationships with WhatsApp Business

Over 2.24 billion.

That's right, one in four people worldwide are part of this WhatsApp messaging app craze!

In just 13 years, WhatsApp has dominated the market and surpassed competitors like Skype to become the go-to platform for communication.

Ever since its inception, WhatsApp’s app design (and therefore its intended use) has evolved.

From simple text messaging in 2009, it now offers voice and video calls, emojis, and even the ability to create groups. And now, it's taking on a new role as a marketplace and creating virtual showrooms as well.

Alright, so you want to know how to use WhatsApp to boost your business, huh? Well, you've come to the right place!

In this article, we're going to spill all the beans on how to build stronger relationships with your customers on this super-hot platform.

Excited? Let’s dive in.

How to get more customers on your WhatsApp Business?

Now, if you're looking to attract some new customers with WhatsApp Business Platform, you got to know what you're after in terms of customer service and how you plan to use this popular messaging app.

It's not just about answering questions- it's about using WhatsApp to boost sales and keep customers happy throughout their journey with you.

And guess what? There are tons of ways to promote WhatsApp Business as your go-to communication tool. Want to know the top tricks of the trade? Keep reading, fam!

WhatsApp entry points: What are they and why should you care?

Entry points are various online and offline ways for customers to start a conversation with your business in a private WhatsApp chat experience. An email address or phone number is an entry point, for example, as are the call-to-actions (links) on your website, social media posts, and so on.It’s crucial to use as many entry points as possible to get the most value fromWhatsApp.


Because entry points allow you to direct more prospects into a WhatsApp chat experience and nurture them at every stage of the funnel. And the higher intent audience members you have, the more valuable your audience is.

When it comes to WhatsApp Business Platform, the entry point is the channels and/or call-to-actions you use as a portal for your customers, to convert them to users of the chat app, where you can then engage them in conversations that are more personalized and interactive.

Integrate click-to-chat entry points

If you want to get your WhatsApp Business channel out there, you can create some killer buttons that'll link customers right to you. It's like having a secret handshake, but for chats.

These buttons are called "click-to-chat" entry points, and they're super easy to set up. Just integrate them into your website or social media, and your customers can start chatting with you with a simple tap. Whether they want more info on a product, need some tips, or just want to chat, you'll be there for them.

And get this - when they tap that button, their phone number gets collected and they're instantly brought into the conversation. It's like magic, except it's real and it's going to help you connect with your customers like never before.

Create WhatsApp QR codes

You should consider implementing a WhatsApp QR code, which can be scanned by customers using their mobile phone cameras to quickly initiate a conversation window within the app.

The advantage of this type of WhatsApp QR code is its versatility for both online and offline use. Additionally, you can customize the code to include a pre-filled message that engages the customer from the outset when the conversation window opens.

It's important to carefully consider where to place your personalized WhatsApp QR code for optimal visibility and engagement with your target audience.

Boost your WhatsApp engagement: Where to position your entry points


On your website (organic entry point)

It’s possible to promote WhatsApp on your website as your service channel, just ensure they’re in a prominent place on the page.

On your contact page

Perhaps the most obvious place to mention your WhatsApp presence is on your company contact page and should be the number one spot to place a click-to-chat entry point in case a customer is looking for the best way to reach out to you.

By promoting WhatsApp as a communication channel on your contact page, you’re likely to notice a decline in the number of incoming phone calls as customers opt to make use of a more simple WhatsApp, with its intuitive synchronous conversation layout, over amore costly phone service - saving everyone time and money.

On your product pages and blogs

Your product pages are likely optimized for user experience and mobile use. But what if your visitor has a question? You wouldn’t want them to have to hunt for the best way to contact you, as they could easily lose interest along the way, and leave your website. If they can simply click a button on the product page, jump-starting a WhatsApp conversation on their mobile phone or via WhatsApp Web on their PC, the process will feel much more seamless for them, retaining a good image of your brand.


2.    On social media (organic entry point)

 It is possible to set up entry points on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook through organic means. This can be accomplished by adding a permanent link to your social media bio, or by including a link in your post or story. When a customer clicks on the link, they will be redirected to WhatsApp and encouraged to initiate a conversation.


Via Interactive Voice Response or “IVR” Deflection (organic entry point)

By using Interactive Voice Response or "IVR"Deflection (organically), you can redirect customers to WhatsApp instead of handling an overwhelming number of calls during busy periods. This approach ensures that you never miss a conversation while allowing the customer to feel empowered. Moreover, IVR deflection helps keep queue times low as agents can handle multiple WhatsApp conversations simultaneously, thus enhancing productivity.


Printed ads, catalogs, and flyers (paid entry point)

WhatsApp is an easy way to move the offline customer journey online. While this might sound complicated, it really isn’t. This is where the popular QR code proves its ease of use. For example, if your ad is advertising a new product, you can invite interested customers to contact you via WhatsApp and share a link to the product demo video. Or, if it’s an ad from a restaurant, you can opt for your consumers to contact you to make a reservation. Whatever the use case, starting the conversation is easy as it simply entailsadding a QR code with a link behind it!


Click to WhatsApp ads on social media (paid entry point)

Another social media route you can go down is creating click-to-WhatsApp ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. When your customers are triggered by your ad, they can click on a button and get in contact with you directly through WhatsApp. This will allow you to open up communication with your customer much faster, with the conversation being of real value.

The examples of printed ads we discussed above can also be used just as easily in social ads. Just add the link or show a QR code and invite consumers to contact you via their favorite messaging channel.

Take away

Messaging channels are the most valuable when you have a strategically reachable audience you can regularly engage with.

You can use a great number of entry points, including paid, organic, owned and offline, to acquire new prospects and direct them into a one-to-one chat experience on WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for an interactive tool to communicate with your customers, the WhatsApp Business Platform is a great option. With so much happening on digital platforms these days, why not make use of the world’s biggest communication channel and reap the rewards it can bring to you and your customers?