Automate & Optimize your eCommerce with Martech

Behind every purchase, there is a story. What was it that drove a particular customer to buy a certain product?

People can’t buy your stuff if they don’t know you exist, right? But, you must help them find your brand.

Is it awareness? That should be no surprise. Yes. Address and develop your product as per the needs of your prospects.  

As it is the complicated stage of a buyer’s journey. At this stage, you need to provide value to your prospects to build trust and rapport with them.

The more a company or a brand puts into researching, understanding, and nurturing this stage, the more likely they’ll see the increase in the ROI.

Let’s look at how Pep and Pop will simplify the awareness stage of the Ecommerce Industry.

My finding says: 81% of the shoppers conduct online research before buying.

And that’s true. So Pop what’s your idea of turning our customers into purchasers?

Hey, Pep. It’s necessary to build a strategy that works for you and your customers, be it, gaining customers, retaining the existing ones, and to stay on the leading edge all at once.

I understand. Will integrations and automation be helpful, so we can use our time efficiently and book big results?

Yes. It’s a long term key. Easy to use and highly efficient. But how? Let’s walk through some examples.

People have shown interest in your product but aren’t familiar with your brand at all. The first visit of a buyer on a website should be impactful. Isn’t it?

Attract the community! Accelerate your business with proven email engagement strategies; take the opportunity to make a first strong impression.

It’s the right way to present the idea of your brand’s personality. Send initial rewards through welcome automation as it can be triggered across all the channels, web push notification, email, and SMS because customers have a much higher likelihood of seeing it.

To get higher engagement rates, welcome flows are proven to directly increase your revenue.

The user evaluates the product and compares on a different website. How will you make the buyer feel more connected to your brand, rather than shift to others?

Engage the crowd! To raise awareness, you need to automate the collaboration in real-time.  Educate the committed with your product and services. For assisting your customers better, Chatbot works promptly. Integrate Chatbot on your website, to build connections, and provide instant support to your buyers.

The buyer finds your product worth purchasing and wish list it. How better you can assist them with the benefits of using your product? How will you make sure the user doesn’t exit without completing the purchase?

You have a multi-channel way of connecting your buyers to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Automating an abandoned cart can drive more sales and conversions.

Convert the customer! To develop more interest in the buyer, you can send countdown timer emails to create urgency for the existing discounts. It ends up with finishing up the order with a great move.

If a buyer fails to complete a transaction while they are in your shopping cart, you need to make the process smoother. So that he/she doesn’t lose interest in the same product.

Sending them a personalized email with a chatbot link is effective so that the buyer can easily process with the payment system.  Optimize your website with the best possible payment methods to increase the friendly follow up for your buyers.

It was a great experience. Ordered! There has to be a post-purchase engagement between the buyer and the brand. How will you continue to maintain it?

Marketing automation doesn’t end up here. Keeping the existing buyers always in touch with your brand is what you need.

Sending them personalized emails: multiple reminders of your product, new launches, and discount. It makes the buyers interest in your brand. Automating your buyer’s journey through a multi-channel approach will help you reach the buyer’s needs and touchpoints.

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