5 Practices for Creating Irresistible WhatsApp Templates in 2022

With over 13 million downloads and availability in 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application. Due to its high market penetration, numerous businesses have begun to use WhatsApp to promote their brand and cultivate client relationships. After all, there is no harm to it. According to surveys, 82 percent of the population reads every text message they get,and 43 percent have texted a business.

If you’re not WhatsApp messaging your consumers, you’re missing out on many opportunities! However, one-on-one communication has risks that could harm your business—spamming consumers, giving incorrect information, and even embarrassing spelling mistakes.

To avoid these difficulties, you can refer to the WhatsApp template collection provided in this article. But first, let’s go through exactly what these templates are and what elements you should include.

What is a WhatsApp Message Template?

5 Practices for Creating Irresistible WhatsApp Templates in 2022 ValueFirst, a Twilio company

A WhatsApp template is a pre-designed message structure that businesses use to deliver regular notifications to their clients. Delivery updates, appointment reminders, and automatic replies are just a few kinds of messages.

WhatsApp templates deliver outbound transactional messages to WhatsApp users who have agreed to receive your messages but have not replied in at least 24hours. Notification-type messages, such as delivery alerts, appointment reminders, and so on, are commonly used as templates. All countries now allow marketing or promotional templates. All templates must be submitted to WhatsApp for approval before being used.

Hacks for Creating Irresistible WhatsApp Templates

Choose the right name.

Avoid using spaces and special characters in the name of the WhatsApp template. Since WhatsApp message templates are non-editable after you publish them, you will have to build a new one every time you wish to make changes.

Pick a type of message template.

You can use some WhatsApp template types: account update, alert update, appointment reminders and confirmations, auto-reply, issue resolution, etc.

Make a language choice.

You should submit a message template for each language your audience uses. 

5 Practices for Creating Irresistible WhatsApp Templates in 2022 ValueFirst, a Twilio company
Create the content for the message template

Here are some ideas to consider when creating the content for your message template

  • Use only text in the message template. WhatsApp accepts letters, numbers, special characters, emojis, and  forms. 
  • Use a maximum of 1024 characters for your content. 
  • Utilize variables to improve the personalization of your message. 
  • Send links or URLs from your company's domain. Include the complete URL if you're providing a product link.
Use Variables in the Message Template 

Use variables to personalize your message template. Variables must begin at {{1}}. You can format the variables as {{#}} where # is the variable index.

Consider the following scenario: 

Dear {{1}}. Welcome to <COMPANY>! Your eCommerce account is confirmed. For details, call <PHONE NUMBER>. You can download the {{2}} at {{3}}. 

What Should You Include in a WhatsApp Message Template?

Appointment reminders, shipping information, issue resolutions, payment updates, and even non-transactional promotional communications are sent to customers using message templates.

5 Practices for Creating Irresistible WhatsApp Templates in 2022 ValueFirst, a Twilio company

Businesses can use WhatsApp Templates to engage with their customers in the following categories:

  • Account updates: This  template provides customers with account-related updates. When customers register for the first time or edit their profile on your application or  website, you can use the following WhatsApp template to notify them:

    Hi {{1}}, Welcome to<COMPANY>. 
    Your account number {{2}} has been set up and is now live.
  • Alert updates: You can use this WhatsApp template to send any type of notice to your customers, such as order status updates and marketing/promotional messages:

    Greetings {{1}}, I’m writing to inform you that the high-resolution laptop you requested is back into the stock: {{2}} 
    Please reply YES if you would like to place the order.
  • Appointment reminders and confirmations: You can use this WhatsApp template to send out appointment reminders     and confirmations:

    We hereby confirm your booking on {{1}} at {{2}}. Your Travel & Hospitality team

    Your booking on {{1}} at {{2}} has been canceled. Your Travel& Hospitality team at {{3}}
  • Auto-Reply: You can use this WhatsApp template to notify customers automatically during holidays or outside their working hours:

    Hi {{1}}, thank you for reaching out to *Company*. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.
    To request a response from one of our consultants or learn more about our offerings, please fill out the form below. 
    {{Schedule a call}} {{Explore services}}

    Hi {{1}}, thank you for your message. 
    We can be reached via email from Monday to Sunday from A: BB am -A: BB pm. 
    You may leave a message, and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 
    Thank you!

    You have successfully unsubscribed from receiving order notifications and significant updates on *{{2}}* from *{{3}}*.  
    To opt-in, message *subscribe*. Chat with customer support at*{{4}}*

    Welcome to <COMPANY>. Press YES to contact your Personal Manager.
  • Issue Resolution: You     can use this WhatsApp template to respond quickly and accurately to     issues and questions and re-engage as needed:

    Please reach out to us. We have an important inquiry about your reservation on {{1}} at {{2}}. 
    Your team at {{3}}.

     Hi {{1}}. Please choose the type of issue you're having 
    {{Technical Issue}} {{Account Issue}}

     Hi {{1}}, we have some news on the pending matter. 
    Say YES or NO so that we can keep you updated.
    Your <COMPANY> Team

Final Thoughts

Notifications are critical in moving customers forward in the purchasing process. WhatsApp is committed to offering a great user experience,so you should adhere to their guidelines. The WhatsApp Business API, with its predefined categories and rich media features, is assisting businesses in driving greater engagement with WhatsApp templates.

Reach out to us for any assistance and information.